3 Reasons You Should Inspect Your Irrigation System

As colder weather, at last, leaves our region and we witness a return of hotter temperatures, our commercial properties soon will require more water to assist them with spring growth. For owners of commercial properties, irrigation systems may aid in supplementing watering needs in between periodic rain showers, yet they have to be in good working order to really assist plant life in growing well. In today’s post from the Winnipeg landscaping team at Cleanr Mow, we are going to be looking at 3 reasons why owners of commercial property ought to get their irrigation systems inspected, as well as tested.

Test Functionality Out

The most vital element of an irrigation system inspection includes ensuring that all facets of the system are properly working. Over a period of time, sprinkler heads may malfunction, and valves may stop working correctly, and reduce their effectiveness. In addition, property needs may change because of landscape upgrades or additions, which means some zones require more watering than before. Additionally, some sprinkler heads might be damaged or cracked because of wear and tear, or damaged from yard maintenance equipment. A routine irrigation system inspection may identify these problems and ensure changes and repairs are made right away.

Detect Issues or Leaks

One other problem which may be identified, as well as resolved through irrigation system inspection is potential breaks or leaks in water lines. Since the majority of commercial property owners don’t routinely stroll the entirety of their lot to look for problems, the issue of a hidden water leak may go undetected for a prolonged time period. But our landscape professionals may identify the telltale indications of an underground irrigation leak. Having this issue identified, as well as corrected may ensure that the irrigation system is in correct working condition, as well as not creating a big utility bill for business owners.

Get an Upgrade Before the Summer Starts

And lastly, an irrigation inspection may determine if your present irrigation system still can meet the irrigation requirements of the commercial property, or if a system upgrade is necessary because of broken elements or out-of-date irrigation technology. Now’s the perfect time to have an irrigation system upgraded and replaced because the project may be done before the warmth of summertime arrives, which may be very taxing on the health of commercial sites.

Cleanr Mow is pleased to provide a wide array of commercial landscape maintenance services, which includes irrigation maintenance and installation. Our staff of landscape pros may ensure that the irrigation system is completely functional and that the beauty and health of your commercial site is protected all throughout the year. Please feel free to get in touch Cleanr Mow today at (204) 960-0246 or fill out our easy online form to ask for a complimentary consultation.

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