How To Battle Salt Damage In The Spring

During winters, in countries like Canada, salt sprays are used widely to melt the ice that accumulates on pathways, gardens and lawns. De-icing salt is then used to melt that ice. However, as too many Winnipeg residents know,  the use of salt can be harmful for plants, grass and soil. This harm caused by salt is known as salt damage, and it could be reversed or at least contained in many ways. A few simple precautions can counteract the effect of salt damage.

Causes of Salt Damage

How to Battle Salt Damage in the Spring

Due to scattering of de-icing salt or salt spray on the layer of ice, ice starts melting gradually. With the melted ice, salt also washes away into plants and soil, and the level of toxic mixture builds up quickly. This leaves moisture in the soil, but due to toxicity and salt presence, plants cannot absorb this moisture. An effect of drought occurs causes scorched edges of leaf, stunted growth of plants, and other growth issues.

The coating of salt draws moisture out of plants and leafs, which inhibits the cycle of photosynthesis, and new buds can’t sprout in spring. Salt can even take a beating on hard surfaces like concrete or stone surfaces because of its corrosive nature. This is the reason salt can cause so much damage to landscapes, gardens and lawns.

Besides all these damages, even when the salt mixture freezes again, the ice expands and it could then be cracked easily, and cause furthermore damages to vehicles or pedestrians.

Protect Your Lawn from Salt Damage

To protect lawn from salt damage, there are many precautions which need to be taken. Cleanr Mow, your Winnipeg lawn care company, can help alleviate salt damage. We have the best equipment and trained staff of professionals who know how to handle salt damage, and prevent your grass from succumbing to all sorts of turfgrass diseases and growth issues. The Cleanr Mow team takes great care of your residential and commercial lawns. We know which de-icing salt is the least damaging, at which temperature, and in which conditions it should be applied, and how these products are to be used in the best possible ways.

The Cleanr Mow team is very experienced in repairing salt damage of your lawn. We take all the aforementioned precautions and to protect and preserve the lawn.

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