pH Balancing: What is it?

Repairing and maintaining your yard may be a tricky process with lots of moving parts. A critical factor in yard care which oftentimes is overlooked is the upkeep of a healthy pH level. Your yard’s pH, or its acidity level, is an important element that determines how your yard grows, absorbs nutrients, as well as fights off outside factors. Cleanr Mow specializes in Winnipeg lawn care by rejuvenating and rebuilding yards using our proven pH balancing treatments.

How Yard Treatment Helps with pH Balancing

Keeping your yard’s pH balanced comes with many benefits. Below we list just a few of the multiple ways our pH balancing treatments will help your yard remain healthy:

  • Nutrient Utilization. As your yard’s pH falls out of the healthy range, it’s stripped of its capability of fully processing and utilizing the nutrients offered by the soil below. A yard that cannot efficiently absorb nutrients may begin to fade, thin out, and experience overall health degeneration. With Cleanr Mow’s pH balancing treatments, we will put your yard’s chemical balances back into the perfect range to foster optimum nutrient utilization and consistent growth.
  • Weed Defense and Lawn Disease. As weeds begin to sprout in your yard or common lawn diseases begin to take over, recovery may be challenging, particularly if your yard is weakened from a pH level that is off balance. As our professionals correct your yard’s chemical levels with our lawn treatments, we are bolstering its defenses against those outside threats in order for your lawn to remain healthier for longer.


Guaranteed Yard Treatments for Winnipeg Residents

Keeping your yard looking fantastic through inclement weather, seasonal transitions, and your hectic daily routine may be stressful. As you select Cleanr Mow for your yard care needs, you are picking a company committed to offering stress-free service. One way we take the migraine out of yard care is by protecting our service list with a service guarantee. Cleanr Mow stands by its yard treatments with a trusted guarantee in order for you to return to your day-to-day life and leave your yard in our safe hands.


Yard Care

As with a good haircut, giving your yard the right lawn care service leaves it appearing fresh and nice. Yard care serves an aesthetic purpose, particularly if it’s complemented by additional features like pavement, flower beds, or a pond.

Keep Pests Off the Lawn

Routine cleaning and mowing of the lawn will assist in keeping pests at bay. A well-manicured lawn will assist in avoiding disturbance by small pests and thereby give no incentive for bigger animals that may make their way into the backyard.

Allow the Grass to Grow

A uniform cut will ensure even distribution of resources like water and sunlight. Such a factor is extremely critical as it’ll contribute to the end look of your yard.

Call Cleanr Mow today at (204) 960-0246 to hear more on pH balancing and schedule your complimentary service estimate. We provide our full array of lawn treatments to business owners and homeowners in Winnipeg.

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