Spring Clean Up Checklist

Spring Clean Up Checklist

What Really Goes Into A Spring Clean Up?

A spring cleanup is a crucial element to maintaining a healthy lawn and it should be part of any good lawn maintenance program. But have you ever wondered what is really considered a spring clean up? Below, we go through the exact checklist that we use when we perform a spring clean up!

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1. Firstly, we remove all of the debris and sand that has been left on the lawn and boulevards over the winter. The sand and debris can amount to a lot over the course of the winter, as you are not out there as often to clean it off.

2. Next we remove the leaves, dead plant material, and all other debris & garbage from garden beds and under and around trees.

3. We dethatch the lawn using a special dethatching mower. We use a dethatching mower rather than a power rake, as a power rake can actually be to aggressive for the lawn to handle the majority of the time! See The Dethatching Myth Defunked!

4. We trim around all trees and other obstacles as well as edge all concrete areas. Edging makes your lawn look like carpet and gives it a well manicured appearance.

5. We give you the first mow of the season! Along with the mow, we bag all of the thatch that was previously pulled up in step 3.

6. We deep core aerate all lawn areas to allow nutrients, water, and oxygen to better reach your lawns root system.

7. We blow off all concrete areas to remove any grass clippings that may be on walk ways and the side walk.

8. We go over the property to make sure nothing was missed. At this point, your lawn will be looking beautiful and will be ready to grow this spring and summer!

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