Turfgrass Disease Prevention and Control

The lawn is one the most peaceful and satisfying portion of a house (at least in our opinion). It’s where one can enjoy the colors of nature without having to venture too far. In order to keep your lawn clean, looking good, and safe from turfgrass disease, one has to maintain it properly and take care of the grass and plants in a proper manner. And it’s not as difficult of a task as you may think to keep the lawns fresh and healthy. You can do it easily by having the right tools and equipment.

These following components of lawn care will help prevent turfgrass disease:

  • Proper irrigation
  • Annual aeration of soil
  • Proper lawn mowing
  • Balanced fertilizers
  • Diseases resistant cultivators

Some of these things can be done at home. Others need lawn care professionals to look after the tiny details of lawn. The Cleanr Mow team has been rated as one of the best property management companies in Winnipeg. We train our staff extensively and instruct them in the best methods for preventing and treating turfgrass disease. They are passionate about lawns and they know how to keep your grass in great condition.

Turfgrass Disease Diagnosis and Control

For diagnosing the turfgrass disease, Winnipeg lawn care professionals are needed as the average homeowner is usually unable to do so. Disease diagnosis needs proper information and horticulture knowledge. The Cleanr Mow team are proficient in protecting and preserving our client’s lawns in a perfect manner. We’ll diagnose the frequency and nature of the disease and control it accordingly.

DIY vs. Hiring

You may be thinking that diagnosing, treating and preventing turfgrass disease is a tall order. That’s why we’re here. We believe we’re a very reasonably-priced lawn care company, as we offer competitive monthly lawn care plans. Our passion for preserving the beauty of your lawn and keeping it protected from all the diseases makes it even easier for clients to hire us.

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