Weed Control Winnipeg

Here at Cleanr Mow, we’re dedicated to making sure your yard looks it’s best, all year round. Winnipeg is a city with a history tightly linked to agriculture; there’s a reason our Golden Boy is holding wheat, after all! Our agricultural background comes from our fertile lands, but earth high in nutrients comes with it’s own set of disadvantages; there’s a lot of weeds that can grow here, be it in your lawn or in your garden.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive weed control strategy; one that gets rid of the plants you don’t want, while maintaining the plants that you do.

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Weed Control Programs

Our weed control strategy starts with an herbicide called Fiesta. We’ve chosen this herbicide because it has a lot of qualities that make it especially useful for weed control in Manitoba. Fiesta is an iron-based herbicide that targets broadleaved weeds, like dandelions; grass is not broadleaved, so your beautiful lawn will still look immaculate. Fiesta can be used as a spot treatment or broadly over the whole lawn. It doesn’t leave an odour, and the area over which it was sprayed can be re-entered as soon as the product dries, making it the perfect herbicide for places with a lot of human activity, like your neighborhood! Fiesta is compliant with Manitoba’s stringent regulations on herbicides, so you know it’s well formulated.

We want every part of your yard to look perfect, so we use a specially formulated liquid fertilizer once the weeds are dealt with. Why? There’s a few reasons. First, after applying the herbicide, the weeds that took up roots will be gone; we want to encourage grass growth where they once were. Secondly, we don’t want any browning of the lawn after the herbicide has been used; applying this fertilizer allows us to ensure your grass will look it’s absolute greenest. This fertilizer is quick to apply, and doesn’t need to be watered in, so it can start working it’s magic right away.

Why Choose Us

Your yard is a part of your home, and your home is your sanctuary. You might have areas that you don’t want us to spray because you know your kids will run on it before it’s dry, or you might have areas you want us to pay special attention to because you know you have had problems with weeds in those areas in the past. We appreciate how valuable your home is to you, and we’ll take special note of any instructions you have for us to ensure that your lawn is treated with the respect it deserves.

Our weed control services can be coupled with your other yard services; use it with our residential lawn care service to see the best results. As a special offer for new customers, when you sign up for weekly lawn care services, you can get two of our incredible weed control and fertilization visits for free!* When you choose Cleanr Mow, you’ll see the difference that professional, courteous, mindful lawn care services can bring.

*Up to 3000 square feet of property

Weed Control Winnipeg