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Weed Control Pricing

4 Applications


Up To 3,000 Square Feet

  • Two Applications of Fertilizer
  • Two Applications of Par 3 Weed Control
  • Spring and Early Summer Only
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6 Applications


Up To 3,000 Square Feet
  • Three Applications of Fertilizer
  • Three Applications of Par 3 Weed Control
  • Spring, Early Summer, & Late Summer Only
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8 Application Weed Control Schedule


A high quality spring fertilizer mix is applied to your lawn to ensure a quick and healthy green up of your lawn. A full blanket spray of Par 3 weed control is applied to kill existing weeds and prevent more from sprouting.

Early Summer

An early summer fertilizer application gives your lawn the boost it needs to survive the hot summer months. Par 3 weed control is thoroughly applied to take care of any pesky weeds.

Late Summer

As the summer begins to wind down and the days start to get shorter, a boost of nutrition to the lawn allows it to stay green for longer. The lawn is also spot sprayed for any weeds that may still be kicking around.


As the warm months come to a close, a fall fertilizer gives your lawn the nutrition it needs as it begins to go dormant. This also helps to allow for a healthier lawn in the spring. A final application of Par 3 weed control is applied to the lawn.

Weed Control Winnipeg

Here at Cleanr Property Maintenance, we’re dedicated to making sure your yard looks it’s best, all year round. Winnipeg is a city with a history tightly linked to agriculture; there’s a reason our Golden Boy is holding wheat, after all! Our agricultural background comes from our fertile lands, but earth high in nutrients comes with it’s own set of disadvantages; there’s a lot of weeds that can grow here, be it in your lawn or in your garden.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive weed control strategy; one that gets rid of the plants you don’t want, while maintaining the plants that you do.

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Why Choose Us

Your yard is a part of your home, and your home is your sanctuary. You might have areas that you don’t want us to spray because you know your kids will run on it before it’s dry, or you might have areas you want us to pay special attention to because you know you have had problems with weeds in those areas in the past. We appreciate how valuable your home is to you, and we’ll take special note of any instructions you have for us to ensure that your lawn is treated with the respect it deserves.