Yard Maintenance Winnipeg

Having a yard is easy enough; the hard part is keeping it beautiful. Here at Cleanr Mow, we offer year round yard maintenance Winnipeg trusts. You might think that yard maintenance is a simple as mowing your lawn a few times a month, but a perfectly maintained yard means a whole lot more.

We offer a plethora of services to ensure that your yard will look immaculate, no matter what time of season it is.

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The first step to our program is, of course, mowing. Most folks don’t realize that to have a full, lush, green lawn, you need to mow on a regular basis. That’s because mowing your lawn allows grass to grow back more densely, with each individual blade branching together to create one incredible lawn.

We vary the height of our mowing depending on the forecast, so that you’ll have a gorgeous lawn rain or shine. Our services include edging and trimming so that every inch of your lawn looks absolutely perfect. We even mulch the grass clippings, so that they create a perfect fertilizer to encourage growth.

Clean Ups

We go the extra mile by providing Spring and Fall Clean-Up Services. These are the messiest seasons of each year, with the melt leaving behind dead leaves, salt and more, while the fall leaves debris and dead leaves before winter. We clean this mess up so you don’t have to, and include your first and last mow of the season, to ensure that your lawn starts and stops its growth right.

We offer a substantial number of supplementary services to get your lawn looking extra beautiful. These services include aeration, where we create small holes in the soil in order to encourage nutrients and water to feed your lawn, and top dressing, where a thin layer of soil is applied to feed and smooth your lawn. We also offer power raking to take care of excess thatch, which can be harmful to your lawn’s health.

Snow Clearing

During the winter months, we offer a comprehensive snow clearing program to ensure you can get out of your driveway and get on with your day. These services are triggered whenever there’s more than an inch of snow, and we work 24/7 to ensure that you don’t get stuck. We don’t think your yard is maintained if you can’t leave it, so we put the work in to clear all the white stuff so you don’t have to!

Why Us

All of these services together should serve to keep your yard looking incredible all year round, but we don’t want to stop there; we want to be sure you’re getting the most out of your yard.

That’s why we put customer care first; when there are specific circumstances that might affect your yard care, we’ll keep them in mind.

That means if there’s work being done on your property, we’ll remember to reschedule if needed. When you need us to shut the gate, we’ll be sure to keep it shut tightly.

Yard Maintenance

When you need advice on watering the lawn, taking care of weeds, suggestions on landscaping – anything at all, we’ll be there for you. Give us a call; we can’t wait to show you the Cleanr Mow difference.