Your Lawn and Summer Fun

Summer is a season of activity. It’s the time of year where people are meant to be outside. The family should be coming together, sharing their favorite cookout dishes. Kids and their friends should be swimming in the pool. This is the moment where your lawn shines its brightest and stands as a true point of pride for the home.

As you likely know, the summer can be a tricky time for lawn care. Higher temperatures mean things dry out faster and your lawn is no exception. Obviously you want to keep the grass watered and mowed, but is there more you could be doing for your lawn care? Are some of your favorite summer activities potentially harming it? Well, let’s take a look at those questions.

Have You Ever Wondered…?

Swimming in the pool is likely one of the first thoughts in someone’s head when summer is mentioned. When one imagines pool water, its almost impossible to forget or ignore the smell of chlorine. Many pool owners and swimmers alike have probably wondered to themselves: “is chlorine bad for the grass?” Anyone who’s opened their eyes in a heavily chlorinated pool can tell you, it can be harsh. However, the human eye is a little more sensitive than the average lawn. The amount of chlorine used to clean a pool is relatively small and dilutes in the water to the point where it is harmless to grass. So next time your splashing about, know your lawn is safe from your latest cannonball attempt.

Grilling is Great, But…

The grill is a staple for summer cuisine. Some might even say that a summer gathering isn’t really complete without a proper grill master. Now, whether you’re an old-school charcoal fan or using the latest fast lighting briquettes, there is a key difference you should know. When it comes to your lawn, some grill masters will dump the embers and coals straight to the grass when they’re done. Some others will tell you that a little bit of ash and soot can be healthy for the grass and plants. While it’s true the organic ash can be an ingredient in a healthy compost, the chemicals in synthetic charcoal make them more of a hazard than a help. As such, when you feel the temptation to simply pour out your chemical laden charcoal briquettes onto the lawn, know that your grass and plants will likely suffer.

So You Want to Host a Big Summer Bash…

As much as we all enjoy the company of our close friends and family, they can make for a pretty large group when they all bunch together. Your lawn can attest to this more than anything. The reality is, that high traffic areas can suffer from trampling and end up leaving bald spots and other lawn diseases on your lawn. There are of course measures you can take to protect your lawn from the damages of excess foot traffic but they require patience and planning. Things like spreading a healthy compost and mulch can help safeguard your grass, but even then sometimes it’s not enough.

Fortunately for times like that, you can always call on the Winnipeg lawn care experts at Cleanr Mow. No matter how big your summer get together is, they got you and your grass covered.

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