How Winter Sanding Services Can Protect Your Business

Winter sanding is an ongoing maintenance practice that is carried out throughout the season to help provide traction. Normally, the municipality is responsible for snow removal, sanding, and maintenance on public roads, but residential and business owners are responsible for snow and ice control in areas surrounding their properties. This includes their pavements, business entrances, driveways and parking lots. With snow covering the ground, the winter months can pose some of the toughest challenges to both residential and commercial property owners. While slippery sidewalks in residential properties pose a significant risk of slips and falls, this danger is amplified in commercial spaces where there is more traffic. Winnipeg commercial snow removal and sanding services can protect your business in several ways.

In Canada, employers have a legal obligation to adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and its regulations. OHSA expects every employer to protect their workers from potential hazards. Part of this includes identifying and addressing all workplace hazards. Snow can cause slips and falls to your employees, exposing you to liability. Winter sanding prevents injuries among your staff.

Clogged roadways and driveways due to a heavy snowfall can limit supplier and customer access and cost your business thousands in lost revenue. If the supply chain is interrupted, it means that your production will be interrupted too. Although winter sanding may not entirely prevent ice formation, it slows down ice buildup thereby reducing days of downtime for your business.

Curb appeal is the other reason you want to contract winter sanding services. Just because the snow is falling and the days are dark and grey, doesn’t mean first impressions don’t matter. A pile of snow and a slippery sidewalk hamper great first impressions. Because customers start making judgments the minute they see your building and its surroundings, the exterior should be as welcoming as the interior. Making sure that your customers can walk into your business without worrying about slipping and falling makes your business even more reputable. Besides, an ice-free parking lot and pavement tell your customers that you’re open and ready for business.

Proper responses to a major snow events begin with being totally prepared. Cleanr Snow enters the winter period prepared to battle the elements and restore access to our clients’ businesses. Since we have ice melt and sanding products needed to battle the harsh weather in stock , we are never short of the necessary resources to keep our client’s business facilities ice-free and safe. Moreover, our technicians prioritize maintaining communication with all our clients just to keep them in the loop of our ongoing efforts to control snow and ice. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your operations will be uninterrupted during winter months.

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