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Cleanr Snow serves as one of the most experienced Winnipeg snow blowing services in the city.
You can unquestionably put your complete trust in us.
Let us tell you why.

Rates as low as $119 per month.

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Snow Blowing Done Right

For multiple years, we have strived our best to provide the first-class services to our clients and have therefore received only 5-star reviews, remarking on our consistent, second-to-none quality snow blowing services.

We manage to win more hearts because you can reach us anywhere, anytime, 24/ 7 during the winter, through a phone call or an email.

We are prompt at addressing and acknowledging the concerns, questions and issues with snow blowing and hence, our clients are not left waiting days for mere communication or completion of proper services. We do not promise unicorns or paradise – we simply promise good, reliable and honest service.

As you might already be aware, a Winnipeg snow blowing service can be an ambitious endeavor. Our beloved Winnipeg winters seem to always throw unexpected hurdles in our direction by snowing at the least favorable hours or soon after we have finished clearing snow from the previous storm.

For this reason, we at Cleanr Snow, with years of experience in residential Winnipeg snow removal, can manage to more professionally predict forecasts, equip ourselves with more developed logistic capabilities and keep constant backup plans for hours where Mother Nature decides to not work in our favor.

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Why hire Cleanr Snow’s Winnipeg snow blowing?

Best Quality of Service in Winnipeg

In the snow removal business, quality of services is what to put before cost. At least we think that’s the way it should be. You are better off going for a slightly higher quote for more meaningful services that deliver on the promise.

What’s the point in paying someone to do your driveway if you are going to be shoveling after them all winter? Save yourself the trouble of arguing with incompetent snow removal scammers and hire yourself the most trusted company near you – that’s us. Ask around.

Winnipeg Snow Blowing
Fast and Professional Service

When you need a Winnipeg snow removal company that takes the shortest time leaving your driveway clear as day, you need look no further than us. We don’t do shovels, we have the kind of equipment that chews through your snow quickly and efficiently thus saving you on the costs and time. Our snow removal process is not labor intensive, which means you pay less due to fewer man hours.

Winnipeg Snow Blowing Service
Experience Matters

With a wealth of experience up our sleeve already we have learnt to predict the seemingly unpredictable Winnipeg weather patterns. We also know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to effective snow removal for the home and for functions and events. Don’t worry, experience has taught us to always have a plan B in case Mother Nature decide to throw in a surprise to make things a little more interesting.

Winnipeg Snow Clearing Service

We are the people you want to have your back this winter, if you want to always get out of your drive in time. We have more than enough trucks and loaders on standby to avoid embarrassing moments.

With us, it is a question of minutes, not hours, before your drive is cleared out. Don’t be caught be wondering if you are ever getting out today. That’s the Cleanr Snow experience.

Cleanr Mow Snow Blowers
Cost Effectiveness

Get more for less is what we are all about. We give you real value for your money, whether you need snow clearing at home or for commercial properties. We will deliver in good time and to near perfect, allowing you to go on with your life and business after a blizzard.

Time not wasted is money recovered for your business and personal time well spent than shovelling all morning. Do what you do best and let our seasoned Winnipeg snow blowing experts do what they do best for you.

Honest Pricing

Even though cost is not everything, there is no reason to pay an arm and a leg for snow removal because it is not the only thing on your plate.

You will find that our prices are the most reasonable once you have tasted the sweetness of our services.

We are not and don’t wish to be the cheapest in Winnipeg, but with us, you will get more value for less.

We’re not your regular Winnipeg snow blowing guys who were “just in your neighborhood” and noticed that your driveway needed clearing. We’re not storm chasers who will often leave your driveway messy and damaged just to make a quick buck. We have only the latest and best equipment that really moves snow, leaving your driveway clearer than a runway at your nearest airport.

It’s not just about the nice equipment. Our polite and sober crew is trained in customer relations and professionalism. All your concerns are taken serious and your questions answered politely. All our crew are carefully trained to use the equipment and we don’t allow rookies with lack of experience to go at it solo.
Perhaps you saw the results of our good work at your neighbor’s, which speaks for itself. We rarely advertise but we can’t help but expand our client list and invest in more equipment and a reliable crew to cater for the rising demand of our service.

We hate to turn down Winnipeg snow blowing but we do have standards to adhere to. So why wait? Book now, winter is coming!