Snow Removal Pricing in Winnipeg – What Goes Into It?

Snow Removal Pricing in Winnipeg – What Goes Into It?

Are you a Winnipeg resident looking for the best snow removal contractor in the entire city, but are not sure if the snow removal pricing is fair? Well, let us give you a quick breakdown of what really goes into residential snow removal pricing and why the prices at Cleanr Snow are what they are.

What’s Included with Snow Removal Pricing

The first things to account for are the fixed costs. These include, but are not limited too: incorporation costs, lawyer fees, accountant fees, building rental to store equipment, liability insurance, vehicle insurance (multiplied by each vehicle the company has), bookkeeping fees, etc. All of these fees exist within snow removal pricing for the business whether it is out blowing snow or not – these costs must be paid just to exist!

Secondly, we have all of the variable costs. The variable costs occur when a sale is made and the service must be performed. For instance, say you call us for a snow removal quote at (204) 960-0246, someone is being paid to answer the phone and set up an estimate with you. After that, a Cleanr Snow estimator will visit your property (spending gas and paid time) to take a look and determine which driveway size you fall in to. Then, provided you like the estimate and decide to go with us, it comes time to do the actual work after the next storm hits! This brings with it a whole new host of fees including: equipment costs, maintenance costs to keep the equipment running smoothly, fuel for the trucks and equipment, and of course the biggest of them all labour!

Since snow removal is unpredictable and we are on call 24/7 for five full months, our employees must be available at any time of the day from November 1st – March 31st. This means that we must essentially pay them a full time salary just to stay available. Our commitment at Cleanr Snow to paying our team fair wages through the winter, even though they may only work 10 hours per week, means that we can serve you at the first sign of snow. We are not stuck waiting to round up the crew, as they know that when the snow flies, it is time to work!

Overall, there are many, many costs that work into the overall snow removal pricing here in Winnipeg. As we strive to be one of the most efficient yet competitively priced companies, we aim to always improve our service so you will be left with a smile after every snow fall!

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