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Super Simple Fall Lawn Care Tips That Get Results

Summer may be drawing to a close, but don’t make the fatal error of thinking this means you can stop tending to your lawn!  Too often, homeowners focus on their lawns only during spring and summer, but the truth is that a lawn that is neglected in the fall won’t bounce back in the spring as you expect it to.  


Putting your lawn to bed the right way before winter can ensure a quick and lush start for your grass when spring finally rolls around.  And, fortunately, it’s not hard to do!  With just a little bit of effort and know-how, you can have your lawn prepped for winter using the same tools and skills you’ve been using throughout the rest of the growing season.


A Fall Feeding

Here’s an easy one:  As the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, you might think that your grass no longer needs to be fertilized.  But you’d be wrong!  


As long as your grass blades are still green, the roots are still absorbing and storing nutrients.  A good fertilizing before the snow flies can have your grass vitalized and ready to grow at the first sign of spring.  If the ground is frozen or the grass has stopped growing, you’re too late already.  So jump on this one soon!


Do Rake Those Leaves

You may have heard a rumour that leaving leaves on your lawn is actually nature’s way of protecting your lawn over the winter.  




While autumn leaves can make great mulch for flower beds, they do very little to protect your lawn from snow and can ultimately prevent sunlight from reaching your grass during those last crucial growing days.  They can also get slimy and harm the health of your lawn by spreading disease.  


So, for the sake of your lawn, get raking!


Autumn Seeding

Seeding your lawn in the fall gives those seeds a headstart in the spring.  After all, why wait until your lawn is delicately germinating to tramp all over it and disrupt it with new seeds?  


Plant grass seeds in the fall, focusing on areas that are bare or neglected.  You can also “overseed” by spreading seeds over thriving areas as well.  A dense lawn will be the most resistant to weeds come springtime.


Keep Watering & Mowing

As long as your grass blades are green and your soil isn’t frozen, it’s important to keep maintaining your lawn.  Just as with nutrients, grass roots also store up water for the coming spring.  


A shorter lawn can be helpful in preventing matting from fallen leaves or snow, so setting your mower blade to a lower setting is recommended in the autumn.


Get Results With Cleanr Property Maintenance

If you’re looking for Winnipeg lawn services that can maintain your lawn and keep it looking beautiful in every season, Cleanr Property Maintenance has got you covered.  If you love the ideas in this post but want someone else to implement them for you, we’ll be happy to help.  Give us a call today to book an appointment!


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