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Commercial Lawn Care

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Services We Offer:

There’s a pretty stark difference between residential and commercial lawn care: both homeowners and business owners take pride in their property, but
for business owners, that pride translates to money. When you own a business, every element of your aesthetic is important, from your signage to the
front door to, of course, your lawn.

A well maintained and kept property immediately gives the impression of a well maintained and cared for business, and that’s reassuring for clients old
and new. For commercial Winnipeg lawn care business owners and property managers can trust, look no further than Cleanr Property Maintenance.

- Commercial Property Maintenance

- Lawn Mowing Fertilizer and Weed Control

- Landscape Services

- Shrub Trimming

- Parking Lot Maintenance (Sweeping/Line Painting)

- Litter Control


Residential lawn care and commercial lawn care look pretty different; we won’t just offer mowing services for your property. Instead, we offer incredibly comprehensive packages that can include mowing, trash and debris pickup, hedge trimming, landscaping and more. Liability is an important consideration when working with businesses; we have $1,000,000 in general liability and all of our workers are experts in the field with WCB coverage.

No matter what size your property is, we have the tools and staff to give it the immaculate care it deserves.


We pride ourselves on our skill and diligence; we understand how important it is for businesses to run on time, so we always keep our schedule. When we’re hired to do lawn care at your property every Tuesday, we’ll be there every Tuesday, unless Mother Nature herself stops us. If she does, we’ll do a makeup appointment as soon as it’s convenient for you. Our staff is highly trained, and we use state of the art tools and techniques to make sure your property is cared for with quality and consistency.

We appreciate how important it is to communicate changes with you; after all, we pride ourselves on our business, just like you pride yourself on yours. We’ll always be in touch if anything might interrupt or change the flow of your lawn care.


Most businesses work from spaces that are professionally managed; with that in mind, we’ve created a comprehensive system to work with property managers. We can provide all kinds of reports, documentation and data so that you know you’re in the right hands.

This can include before and after pictures, GPS pings when we arrive on site, breakdowns of what services are provided at each property, or anything else you may need. Our management team and frontline staff are quite comfortable with the world of property management, so if you need anything at all, you can always get in touch with us.

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We have the tools, the technology, the staff and the experience to make your property look incredible; we love working with commercial clients. Give us
a call at (204)960-0246, and we’ll make a commercial lawn care plan that’s perfect for you.

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