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Winter in Winnipeg, MB - you know what it is. Cold and snow make it harder for your customers to reach you, and harder for your team to make it to work on time. You may already know that we offer commercial snow clearing services to make your life a bit easier. We also offer de-icing and parking lot sanding services. You want to reduce the chances of injury on your property. We can help.


We use a combination of rock salt and sand, poured carefully over problem areas. This accomplishes two things: it melts existing ice, and increases traction over areas where ice may form again. We can also offer preventive sanding, which can help eliminate ice before it even begins to form.


Getting your parking lot and walkways cleared of snow before you have them sanded is always the ideal - the process works best when most of the snow is already cleared away, and we can access the icy areas directly. You’ll need the snow cleared out and the parking lot de-iced anyway, so why not use Cleanr for all your winter property management needs?!


In Winnipeg, ice management is key - you’re going to need to sand hard surfaces more than once each winter. Too much sand and salt can corrode your infrastructure, while too little doesn’t get rid of the ice. We understand how usage, surface type, and surface size affect the de-icing process. We’ll use different amounts on your walkways than we will on parking lots, so you’ll get the perfect mixture of sand and salt every time.


Our sand and salt solution is all-natural, so it’s pet and plant friendly - we do lawn care, too, so we know how important it is to keep your grass and other plants healthy! Our pricing is competitive, and will be based on need, frequency of service, and the size of the areas you need us to treat.


De-icing helps get rid of hard-packed snow, helps prevent future ice buildup, and ensures safety for you and your clients. Get in touch with us - we’re here to help your business thrive, even in the coldest months for all your snow removal needs!