Winnipeg Snow Removal

Don’t fight through the winter alone. Our snow plowing pros at Cleanr Snow provide rapid-response Winnipeg snow removal. We promise to not let you down. You can trust our experienced team to help you with the winter’s chores, even in the worst weather. Many of our customers agree, no one clears snow as well as we do.

Rates as low as $129 per month.

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We’re Prepared to Handle the Winter’s Worst

Serving Winnipeg’s residential properties, Cleanr Snow has a variety of snow removal equipment, and can provide services to lots and driveways of all shapes and sizes. When snow banks become too huge, or ferociously occupy needed parking spaces, Cleanr Snow can come to your rescue and remove the banks by relocating them offsite.

Here at Cleanr Snow, we take our job seriously, and we enjoy doing it. Over the years, we have steadily developed a fleet of snow removal vehicles as well as a vast repository of snow removal equipment. So when you hire us, you get premium-grade snow removal services. Cleanr Snow can clear driveways, lots, sidewalks and other parts of properties, no matter how much snow is heaped on top of them. Not only do we instantly remove the snow from the site, we also relocate it to a safe area away from your property.

Winnipeg Snow Removal
Winnipeg Snow Removal Company

Our Winnipeg Snow Removal service also makes use of a relevant technology in battling winter woes. With the right manpower, the right equipment and just the right experience, it is no wonder that Cleanr Snow always delivers results, servicing driveways and lots of all sizes and shapes.

A clear testimony to our reputation is that we rarely ever advertise. Why? Because 95% of our customers ring us up every winter and specifically ask us to provide our snow clearing services.

That’s simply because we get things done and our customers know that. In fact, our customers are also our brand ambassadors. It is through them that new customers seek our services. Thanks to this enduring customer loyalty, we have a long waiting list every year.

All Residential Snow Removal Plans Include:


    Sign up with your credit card and automatically get billed monthly. No cheques needed!


    The season runs November 1st – March 31st and you are covered for all of it!


    We operate 24/7, that way you can wake up to a clean driveway!


    All of our residential customers get serviced after 1″ of snow fall accumulation.


    Receive an email update before we begin clearing, so you know when to expect us!


    We have a 100% satisfaction rate and many 5-star reviews to prove it!

Variables to Consider When Looking for Winnipeg Snow Removal

Snow removal can be a challenging business. It can be difficult and expensive, and it’s always volatile. If you’re considering a snow plowing service, there some very important things to consider.


In the world of snow clearing, a basic rule-of-thumb is that companies which advertise themselves as ‘cheap’ will handle only incredibly ‘low’ amounts of snow well. It is snows hard and heavy, they raise their hands and give up. This is not the case with Winnipeg snow removal. When you pay us, you get genuine value for the price you pay. We’re not going to leave a job midway, in fact we’re never going to give up on a job. We always get things done and see every job through.


Experience is a major factor determining the performance of a snow removal company. A company that has just started in snow removal business doesn’t know how to handle unprecedented amounts of snow or gets stuck in scenarios they haven’t encountered before. This is not the case with us. We’ve handle low snow, heavy snow and blizzard-level snow over the years. We know how to clear a lot or a driveway and transport snow elsewhere even after the heaviest snowfall.


Cleanr Snow has been around and in business for years. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and an impeccable reputation, which has been diligently cemented with an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. Our vast fleet also ensures that you will spot one or more of our vehicles in your neighborhood every winter. Cleanr Snow is a snow removal company that is well-known, has been around for years and is reputed for delivering top-notch snow removal services.

Cleanr Snow strives and goes beyond lawn mowing to deliver you with reasonable snow removal services and snow blowing because we want to take care of you year-round. We believe, snow removal facilities should be available to everyone and so we provide both extensive snow removal packages to make life easier and less interrupted by the blizzards.

Now you never have to worry about defying the cold and handling the snow on your own. This year, Cleanr Snow is growing yet again with new plans and a whole range of new equipment. We have added a new variety of snowplows to our equipment. That’s because we mean business and we are always evolving our snow clearing equipment to offer the best possible service to our customers. It is precisely the enduring trust of our customers in our services that has helped us come so far.

We would like to thank you for availing our services and placing your trust in us. This year, as many previous years, we will be at standby to deliver you the best snow removal services in real-time. After all, Winter is coming and although this is not Winterfell, this is Winnipeg. So we all better be ready to deal with the snow on our driveways, sidewalks and parking lots.

At the end of the day, you will have to think about reliability and reputation when hiring a snow service company. It’s no good hiring someone who would leave you out in the cold when the going gets tough.

With us, you can always be sure that we will complete the job no matter what it takes and no matter how hard it is. We have a reputation to uphold and we like to get things done well.

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