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Our Background

In late 2015, Cleanr Property Maintenance was founded (originally as Kildonan Snow Removal) with $200 by Kristian Zoppa. Having grown up with entrepreneurial spirits, lawn care, and snow removal were an outlet to explore business ownership. Kristian borrowed a lawn mower from his parents and rented his dad's truck to be able to provide fall clean-ups for customers found on Kijiji. With the money made from fall clean-ups, he printed 1,000 flyers at Staples and handed them out himself. During the first winter season, he landed 20 snow removal clients. In the spring of 2016, Kristian changed the name to Cleanr Mow and Cleanr Snow. Operating as Cleanr Mow, he provided somewhere in the range of 60 spring clean-ups and had 12 weekly lawn mowing customers. Moving into the winter of 2016, he decided he wanted to make a serious go at things. Kristian began focusing on advertising and hired the company's first part-time employee. Throughout the winter, operations moved from his parent's garage to a storage unit, and then to a “shop” in West St. Paul, MB. In the spring of 2017, Kristian made another big leap and hired his first full-time employee. During the 2017 lawn care season, two more employees were hired as the company continued to grow rapidly. Moving into the winter of 2017, we made another move and moved to a larger facility on Gunn Road. During the 2018 lawn care season, we grew to six full-time employees and three part-time employees and quickly outgrew our shop on Gunn Road. We spent one year there but quickly outgrew it and moved into a new shop on Don Valley Parkway. During the winter of 2018/2019, we began offering commercial snow removal services and had over 15 employees on call at any given point. The lawn care season of 2019 was another busy one as we continued on our path of doubling in size every year and we had over ten full-time employees and several part-time employees. As we continue to grow, we look to the future with determination as we aim to build a company based on Integrity, Honesty, and High-Quality work.

Kristan Zoppa
President at Cleanr Group Ltd.

How Cleanr Property Maintenance is Different

We are a lot different than many other companies in the green industry in Canada. We value Honesty, Integrity, and High-Quality Service. Honesty means always being upfront and letting you know what we can and can not do with your property. It means never hiding charges or fees, never overselling and under performing, and always telling the truth. Integrity is a crucial core value in our company. The definition of integrity is “The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. This value is apparent in every layer of our company from the management, to our estimators, to our field staff. We only hire the best people who have strong moral principles that embody what we aim to be, which is ‘the professional service that you deserve’ High Quality Service seems like a no-brainer, but in a mostly unregulated industry like lawn care and snow removal, it is a core value that leads us to be the top lawn care company in our area. We aim to provide the best service possible at all times. Period.

The Cleanr Experience

As the side of our trucks says, we aim to be ‘the professional service you deserve’. But what exactly does that mean? The Cleaner Experience means that when you call for an estimate, we answer the phone immediately with a smile and cheerful hello. It means that when you tell us about the issues you are having with your turf, our estimators take the time to explain exactly what is going on and how to rectify the situation. It means that we send out an extremely detailed estimate as quickly as possible, so you know exactly what our crews will be doing, and the exact cost. No surprises. Being a professional means that when our are crews on site, they will work with a high level of integrity and always aim to impress at every opportunity. From start to finish, the Cleaner Experience is truly ‘the professional service that you deserve’.

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