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As you will see below, having your lawn aerated in the spring or fall is one of the best, and most cost effective ways, to increase the health of your lawn. Click the button below to request your estimate instantly!

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Lawn Aeration Winnipeg

Good gracious, lawn aerations! You’ve probably seen the results of aeration before; when there are tiny holes all over a lawn, sometimes accompanied by little plugs of dirt, it’s a surefire sign that the lawn has just been aerated. That’s basically what the process of aeration is; a machine is run all along the lawn in order to pierce these small holes into it. We love the process here at Cleanr Property Maintenance, and we recommend you have it done twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. This all begs the question: why aerate your lawn?

Lawn Aeration 101: Why should I aerate my lawn?

The way humans have created lawns is beautiful; they add a certain uniform, natural aesthetic to even the most densely packed cityscape. Most lawns, however, are what we call “monocultures”; that means there’s really only one type of plant life growing. In the case of lawns, that’s grass, and many lawns will only have a couple of types of grass at that. Lawns get compressed more than most wilderness; from snow compacting it to people walking over it, the wear and tear your yard experiences is pretty significant. This leaves you with incredibly dense soil; so dense, in fact, that water, nutrients and oxygen have a hard time penetrating the soil. Aeration allows for these nutrients to better penetrate the soil, and encourages worms and tiny flora and fauna to grow in the soil, promoting the growth of your grass. Aerators can also serve to sever densely packed grass roots; this causes the roots to multiply, which in turn leads to a fuller lawn of grass.

Lawn aeration opens the soil back up, allows nutrients to penetrate into the root zone, providing the grass with oxygen.

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The Best Time to Aerate a Lawn

Lawn Aeration 102: When should I aerate my lawn?

There are a few features of our lawn aeration that we’re really pleased with. The first is our twice a year recommendation; it’s thoroughly researched to ensure that your aeration gives you the best results. Doing it in the springtime after a few mows ensures that your grass will be healthy enough to thrive in the post-aeration environment.

The fall is an incredible time to grow grass, contrary to what some might think; the days are usually quite warm, while the nights are cool and dewy, providing grass with much needed heat and water, on the very same day. Aerating at this time ensures that all those good nutrients will reach your soil. We’re also proud to use Bluebird mechanical push aerators for what’s known as “deep core aeration”, a type that’s perfectly suited to Winnipeg soils.

Lawn aeration opens the soil back up, allows nutrients to penetrate into the root zone, providing the grass with oxygen.

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Core Aeration

Lawn Aeration 103: What else should be done with lawn aeration?

We’re proud to offer lawn aeration along with a plethora of other Winnipeg lawn care services. We highly recommend it in tandem with our comprehensive spring clean up service; it’s also great alongside power raking and overseeding. During the fall, you can couple aeration with your fall cleanup, and with our top dressing services, where we put a fine layer of soil over the lawn to improve growth and sustainability.

At Cleanr Property Maintenance, we don’t beat around the bush; we trim the bush, cut the lawn, and do so much more. From aeration services to comprehensive lawn care and landscaping services, we’re here to make sure your lawn looks as lively and radiant as a spring day.

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