Winnipeg Commercial Snow Removal

Seamless, reliable, and trustworthy – that’s how our commercial clients describe us! For professionally cleared driveways, parking lots and sidewalks, the choice is clear – Consumer Choice Award winner for 2018 & 2019, Cleanr Snow, will meet all of your Winnipeg commercial snow removal needs.

Trust Cleanr Snow, the proven and highly rated (only 5-star reviews online!) snow removal professionals, this year for your commercial property. Don’t take any chances this winter on your commercial properties accessibility during a snowstorm. With Cleanr Snow, we have you covered!

Services We Offer:

  • Snow Plowing

    We are equipped with skid steers, front end loaders, and plow trucks. We have everything needed to clear the snow on your property and pile it on site.

  • Snow Hauling

    We are equipped with front end loaders and skid steers that can load end dumps, dump trailers, and tandem dump trucks with snow. Hauling is normally billed hourly. Please inquire for our hourly rates!

  • Parking Lot Sanding

    We are equipped with one ton trucks or larger with special salt boxes to spread a sand/salt mixture on the lot to prevent ice from forming.

  • Commercial Walkways

    We are experts at commercial walkways and have a fleet of shovels, snow blowers, and professional snow removal technicians ready to work!

Kristian Zoppa, owner of Cleanr Snow, and his partner Brittany Glowacki, accepting the 2018 Consumer Choice Award for Snow Removal in Winnipeg.

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Just look at some of our 5-star reviews:

Prepared to Handle the Winter's Worst

Tackling Winnipeg’s level of snowfalls in this windy, icy cold winter climate can appear to be a daunting, gigantic task. And the equipment and supplies to do the job are expensive and require high maintenance. Snow plows, skid steers, front end loaders, snow blowers, de-icers and salt spreaders – you probably don’t want to make room for all of that in your properties storage.

Cleanr Snow, the snow removal professionals, will take care of all the hassles associated with making sure your property is cleared of snow. Regardless, of when there is snow fall, you can sleep easy knowing that we are out 24/7 working to make sure your parking lot gets cleared!

Commercial Snow Removal Winnipeg
Winnipeg Commercial Snow Removal

You also don’t want to trust just anyone onto your property. Whether it’s scammers who take the money and run, someone without sufficient experience who thought they could do the job but became overwhelmed by a heavy snow, or someone who does the work but causes damage and isn’t insured – you want to avoid being taken advantage of almost as much as you want to avoid having your property inaccessible due to the uncleared snow...

But you know that leaving snow and ice on your property is hazardous, inconvenient and unattractive as well. It also opens you up to potentially expensive liability if someone else is hurt on your property due to insufficient ice and snow removal.

Your solution? Call Cleanr Snow, the trusted Winnipeg professionals, who know how to respond to and manage your snow removal needs. Let us do all of the hard work for you!

All Commercial Snow Removal Plans Include:


    The season runs November 1st – March 31st and you are covered for all of it!


    We operate 24/7, that way you can wake up to a clean driveway!


    We have a 100% satisfaction rate and many 5-star reviews to prove it!


    We accept any type of credit card and can accommodate various payment methods for commercial customers.

Locally Owned. Professionally Licensed and Insured.

Cleanr Snow is a locally owned, professionally licensed and insured residential and commercial snow removal company. We opened our doors in 2015, and have served the Winnipeg, Manitoba area, mainly working within North Kildonan, East Kildonan, Elmwood and Transcona areas, through some particularly brutal winters.

Although the 2017/2018 season yielded lower overall snowfall, March blasted Winnipeg with 22 cm of snow in one storm. And Cleanr Snow met the challenge, serving our customers’ needs quickly and thoroughly and winning the 2017/2018 Consumer Choice Award for best snow removal service in Winnipeg.

Experienced and Qualified Staff

Our workers are fully trained on each piece of equipment that they will be operating. We also provide WCB coverage for our employees, taking care of our workers so that they can confidently take care of you. With Cleanr Snow employees on the job, you will know that you have trained, experienced, qualified and dedicated staff onsite.

24/7 Service

We work 24/7 during the snow season, often going to work while everyone else is still sleeping through the cold winter night.

Capacity for Any Size Job

Whether you have a sidewalk and driveway, a business entrance and small parking lot, or a large complex with internal roads and multiple parking areas that need cleared, we can provide the snow removal services you need. From a small amount of snow blowing to moving small mountains of snow, we can handle it. We use a combination of snow plows, snow blowers, and heavy equipment, providing the most efficient technique needed in each case while at the same time protecting your property from unwanted damage. And we can move large quantities of snow offsite completely when needed.

Consumer Choice Award Snow Removal Winnipeg

Contact us before the snow season begins, and we’ll review your property and provide you with a free estimate for the coming year. Make arrangements now so that you aren’t taking a stuck in your parking lot this winter or caught off guard, calling around for a residential or commercial snow removal company when the snowstorm is already on the weather radar. Spots fill quickly, so call today; don’t wait until winter is here and it’s too late.

Cleanr Snow also offers fall cleanup. We’ll clear your home or business property from all the falling leaves and twigs before the snow falls. Don’t let debris accumulate on your property before winter hits. That will make it easier to maintain throughout the winter. And once the snow and ice thaw, you’ll be ready to start in on spring landscaping instead of having to clean up last year’s mess. You can contract with us for the fall and winter or just for the winter season, from November through March.

We offer flat rate monthly pricing designed for your specific needs. We can also meet with you and discuss your options and create the best plan for your residential or commercial property.

Signing up now at a pre-arranged price for the winter will keep you from being caught off guard by an unexpected expense during heavy snowfall later. And having a contract before winter starts assures that you will get the service when you need it instead of being put on a waiting list or left stranded.

Why hire a professional snow removal company?
• Save Time and Money • Increase Safety • Reduce Risk and Liability • Protect Your Property • Improve Winter Mobility

Why hire us?
• Locally Owned • Licensed and Insured • Trained and Experienced • Efficient and Professional • Award-winning Company