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If you are not 100% satisfied with your Winnipeg Snow Removal, we’ll come out again and do it over, free of charge. If we still can’t make it right, we’ll pay a competitor out of our pocket, to come out and do it again for you. That is how confident we are here at Cleanr Property Maintenance that we’ll be able to impress you every time!

Residential Snow Removal, Commercial Snow Removal, Commercial Snow Hauling and more – whatever your lawn needs are, Cleanr Property Maintenance has you covered.

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Snow Removal Service in Winnipeg, MB

For five years, Cleanr Property Maintenance has provided professional, timely, and high quality snow removal services to the Winnipeg community. With a fleet containing walkway crews in trucks, skid loaders, front end loaders, snow blowers, and snow plow trucks, we are equipped to clear snow on any size property. Our customers range from residential properties with a two car driveway up to entire housing communities the size of a city block. We use state of the art routing and GPS software to always ensure our crews are taking care of your property and removing snow in a timely manner!

Winnipeg Snow Removal & Clearing

Snow removal & clearing is our main service during the winter months and we pride ourselves on our ability to say that we spend our entire season of winters working to serve you. Many other companies use snow removal as a way to make it through the winter. At Cleanr, we know snow and it is our full time job for five months out of the year in Winnipeg. With 24/7 phone service during snow falls, email notifications of when we are coming to clear, snow updates of potential large storms, and more, we always aim to impress at any chance we can! We provide reliable snow removal solutions in Winnipeg.

Residential Snow Removal Services

When it comes to residential snow removal, we understand the unique needs of homeowners. Clearing driveways, walkways, and entryways promptly allows you to get in and out with ease. We use equipment sized appropriately for navigating tight residential areas, including snow blowers. Get peace of mind knowing we can expertly handle residential snow removal and snow plowing in Winnipeg. Our comprehensive services keep your property safe, accessible, and looking its best year-round.

Commercial Snow Removal Services

For commercial snow removal, we utilize heavy-duty equipment to clear large parking lots, loading docks, sidewalks, and entryways efficiently. Our teams are experienced in snow clearing services for retail, office, industrial, municipal, and healthcare properties. No matter the size of your commercial property, we tailor our snow removal and snow plowing process to meet your specific needs. Trust us to expertly handle all your commercial snow removal and truck plow needs in Winnipeg. We keep commercial properties safe, accessible, and running smoothly through the winter.

For More Information About Residential Snow Clearing in Winnipeg:

Residential Snow Cleaning Services

For More Information About Commercial Snow Clearing in Winnipeg:

Commercial snow cleaning

150+ Five Star Reviews!

With over 150 five-star reviews between Google and Facebook, we aim to always impress and satisfy our customers with our Winnipeg snow clearing services. Your happiness is our goal. Check out these real reviews from satisfied customers below!

Great service! We use Cleanr for an industrial property. Highly recommended. - Dec 2019
Olga O.
Friendly, helpful and reliable. Thank you! - Jan 2020
Sarah B
I have used Cleanr for several years and have always found them to be prompt, efficient and courteous. I especially like the e mail notifications prior to snow clearing. - Dec 2019
Ted J.

Great service! Friendly, affordable and local! Hard working team. - Aug 2019
Hollis K.

Came same day when another company continued to flake on us. Did an excellent job in a timely manner! - May 2018
Anthony B.

The Best! - Dec 2019
Elaine C.

Your Winnipeg Snow Removal Company

Check Out The Services We Offer Below:

Throughout the winter, we clear snow when it falls, but we also offer many other services. Check them out below:

With dump trucks and skid loaders or front end loaders, we are able to haul away massive quantities of snow from your property at a moments notice. Whether the accumulated snow is taking up needed parking spots, it has become a liability hazard, or you are just sick of looking at snow, we are happy to haul it away for you!

Winnipeg always has unexpected weather and one major impact of that in the winter is the freeze and thaw cycles that can create an icy nightmare in your parking lot. With our sand trucks, we can apply a salt/sand mix that helps to melt any ice buildup as well as provide traction in the parking lot to prevent any liability issues.

Snow Removal Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to snow removal in Winnipeg. Our team tracks weather patterns closely so we can mobilize our crews proactively before a storm hits. This allows us to get a head start on snow removal as soon as the flakes start falling. We also have crews available 24/7 during storms so we can provide snow removal services around the clock as needed. Our goal is to clear properties multiple times throughout a longer snow or even storm event. Don't settle for just one pass! Allow us to make multiple trips to keep your property clear. Proactive snow removal timing is key to keeping your property safe and accessible no matter how much snow Winnipeg gets hit with.

Snow Removal Safety

Safety is our top concern when performing snow removal services. Our crews are extensively trained on proper snow clearing techniques to avoid damage to your property. We use equipment and methods suitable for each unique property to maximize efficiency while minimizing risk. Part of our safety protocol includes marking curbs, trees, fixtures, and other hazards before clearing begins. We also cordon off work areas properly to avoid accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles. You can have confidence knowing our snow removal crews make safety the #1 priority with every job. We want your property cleared promptly without any collateral damage or injuries. Trust our experienced team to provide fast, effective snow removal safely.

The Cleanr Snow Removal Experience

As the side of our trucks say, we aim to be ‘the professional and reliable service you deserve’. But what exactly does that mean? The Cleanr Experience means that when you call for an estimate, we answer the phone immediately with a smile and cheerful hello. It means that when you tell us about the issues you are having with your turf, our estimators take the time to explain exactly what is going on and how to rectify the situation. It means that we send out an extremely detailed estimate as quickly as possible, so you know exactly what our crews will be doing, and the exact cost. No surprises. Being a professional means that when are crews on site, they will work with a high level of integrity and always aim to impress at every opportunity. Start to finish, the Cleanr Experience is truly ‘the professional service that you deserve’.

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