Lawn Mowing Safety: Important Tips To Keep You & Your Yard Protected

Lawn Mowing Safety: Important Tips To Keep You & Your Yard Protected

With spring well on its way, it’s time for homeowners to start thinking once more about mowing the lawn. Unfortunately, lawn mower injuries are relatively common but you can avoid them with a few savvy moves. Both a riding mower and a push mower require you to have your wits about you as you take care of your lawn.

Here are a few ways to minimize serious injuries and implement more lawn mower safety:

Wear Protective Gear

Do you know someone who tries to cut their grass in flip-flops and shorts? It’s better to wear proper protective gear, especially if you’ll be walking behind a push mower. Wear close-toed shoes, proper clothing, eye protection, and hearing protection for particularly loud equipment.

You should consider the same precautions on a riding lawn mower, too.

Never Mow Wet Grass

It can be tempting to try to get your grass cut early in the morning when the grass is wet or right after a storm when there’s a break in the heat. For both your safety and the protection of your lawn, you should avoid cutting wet grass. It can clog the blades, making it dangerous for you to clean them.

If you operate electric mowers, you may even get shocked!

Mowing wet grass also tends to leave clumps all over your yard. This yard debris can suffocate your grass and increase the risk that your yard develops a fungal disease. While it may be tempting to cut wet grass, you should always wait until it’s dry.

Clean Yard Debris First

Lawn mowers are not meant to mulch sticks, leaves, and other debris in your yard. One of the best lawn mower safety tips is to protect yourself from projectiles and protect your mower blades from items that can damage them. Clear sticks and rocks from the path of your push or riding mowers. This also lessens the risk of damage to cars or windows.

Take Safety Precautions When Working on the Mower

If you need to work on the mower blade, you should always remove the spark plug (or battery) first. The mower tipping over could accidentally trigger the blade to propel forward and lead to hand injuries. By removing the spark plug or battery, you make it impossible for it to run, no matter what parts get touched.

It’s a safety precaution you don’t want to discount!

Protect Yourself and Your Yard With Professional Lawn Care Services

While these tips can be simple, it might be easier to hire out your lawn care needs to professionals. It can save you time and effort and reduce your risk of harming the lawn or yourself. 

At Cleanr Property Maintenance, we offer a comprehensive lawn mowing service that keeps you safe and helps your yard look its best. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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