Winnipeg Spring Clean Up

Spring is the time of plenty. Plenty of life growing everywhere, from the trees to your yard. Plenty of water, as the snow melts into the rivers and rivulets pour all around. Plenty of work, too; it’s the time of spring cleaning, and the time of spring yard care. The dead leaves and grass that piled up after the fall, the salt from the roads that’s worked its way into your soil; yards can look like an absolute mess in the spring! That’s why Cleanr Mow is proud to offer spring clean up services; we offer them in three tiers for your convenience, each one suitable for different clean up projects.

PLEASE READ: Due to overwhelming demand every year, we will only be offering Full Spring Cleanup’s to customers that are year round property maintenance subscribers. If you are not a year round customer, we would be happy to provide a Basic Power Rake plus Aeration for you!

NOTE – Prices shown below are based on 3,000 SQFT of turf. Aeration can be added to the Basic Power Rake package for an additional $49.

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The first tier is our Basic Power Raking, but the name is a bit of a misnomer, because the work we do is anything but basic. We’re going to power rake your lawn, getting rid of the excess thatch and freeing the soil to be properly fed by nutrients and water. We don’t stop there, though; we’ll also power vacuum, sucking up and bagging all the dead plantlife to ensure that your yard looks beautiful. We’ll also include your first mow with the package, which means your lawn will be mowed, edged, and trimmed to perfection, while your driveway and sidewalks will be blown off, getting rid of dead leaves and other debris.

Our second package is perfect for those of you who have immaculately landscaped yards with flower beds; it’s our Full Spring Clean Up package, and it includes everything from the Basic Power Raking package plus a complete cleaning of your garden beds. That means all the dead plant matter in your flower beds or gardens will be meticulously removed, and that includes dead weeds that we need to pull out by hand. They’ll also be blown out, getting rid of leaves you might not have had a chance to touch in the fall. This will leave both the lawn and garden beds looking perfect; you might wonder how we can do any better?

The answer lies in our third and most comprehensive package: Full Spring Clean Up + Aeration. Aeration is a process by which holes are made in the soil, allowing nutrients to penetrate more deeply and promoting full, lush growth of greenery. As the name implies, this package comes with everything from the Full Spring Clean Up and Deep Core Aeration, which is best done in early spring and early fall. With this package, you can be sure your lawn will be the envy of your neighbors!

Here at Cleanr Mow, we understand how much pride you take in your property, and that each property has different needs. That’s why we offer our three different comprehensive packages; whatever you need, we have a Winnipeg spring clean up package for you. You work hard enough every spring; let us take care of the lawn, so you can take care of you.

The Benefits of Deep Core Aeration

DEEP CORE AERATION is the process of using a lawn aerator to drive over your lawn and punch 1″-3″ holes into your lawn. The holes create plugs, cylindrical tubes of mud and grass, that get pulled out and deposited back on top of your lawn. This creates breathing room for your lawn and allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to more easily enter the root system of the grass, creating lusher, more dense grass in a matter of weeks. DEEP CORE AERATION is a lot less destructive to your lawn than other methods, and will help it to naturally de-thatch as well as to improve the density and health of the lawn. Learn more about lawn aeration.

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The Benefits of Professional Power Raking

POWER RAKING your lawn removes the old layer of thatch that has accumulated on your lawn over the previous years. This is especially helpful in highly trafficked areas that see a lot of compaction during the spring and summer months. Because POWER RAKING is very aggressive to your lawn, it should generally only be done when the layer of the thatch reaches 1/2″ or more. Learn more about power raking.

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