Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

Lawns –  they’re for more than just aesthetics. Keeping a thick, healthy lawn additionally benefits our environment. Unlike hard surfaces like asphalt, concrete, or wood, lawn grass assists in cleaning the air, trapping carbon dioxide, reducing erosion from stormwater runoff, improving soil, decreasing noise pollution, and reducing temperatures.


Here, the professional lawn care services of Cleanr Mow can offer more information on the benefits of grass for you and the environment around you:


Lawns trap carbon dioxide and clean the air 

As with all living plants, grass takes up CO2, as well as releases oxygen. Oxygen is critical for human life, yet trapping CO2 is also important, as too much carbon dioxide may lead to increased air temperatures as well as additional environmental dangers. Grass not just extracts CO2 from the atmosphere, it additionally traps dust in order to keep it out of both the air and therefore, your lungs. Less dust blowing around will mean easier breathing, cleaner vehicles, cleaner windows, and cleaner houses.


Lawns will trap stormwater runoff

If there is any part of your yard that is not covered with lush, green lawn, you have witnessed what occurs during a hard rain: mulch, gravel, and/or soil washes away and creates holes, divots, as well as ruts. Of course, all these materials—and all of the water—must go somewhere. They begin by clogging up the storm drains, possibly leading to flooded houses and streets, and eventually wind up in lakes and creeks which become polluted and cloudy. However, a lawn is going to slow the runoff and allow time for the stormwater to enter back inside the groundwater system.


Lawns will improve the structure of the soil 

Compacted soil (soil that does not have good structure) does not permit water to sink into it, meaning that groundwater resources do not get replenished as it rains—and this may be an issue in places that rely upon precipitation for drinking water. One other benefit of grass is that it’ll keep the soil structure open and loose with an abundance of pores for water to soak down.


Lawns decrease noise pollution

As you walk through the city or a crowded suburban region, you might notice how loud it is. That’s because a lot of hard surfaces equals a lot of spaces for sound to bounce off of. One main benefit of grass is that a lawn acts like an insulation panel or blanket, absorbing sounds from trucks, cars, and people, and animals.


Lawns might save you money and keep you cooler

Urban regions that have a lot of concrete and buildings are usually substantially warmer than surrounding spaces with a lot more trees and grass. Furthermore, it’ll take more energy to cool a structure that is surrounded by concrete than it will one that is surrounded by grass. Not only will a lush, green lawn assist in keeping your lawn cooler, but you might also pay less for your air conditioning bill as well.


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