Benefits of Power Raking Your Lawn

Like all plants, grass can also get diseases among other issues, which should be handled in a timely manner before your lawn is destroyed. The lawn is arguably the most peaceful aspect about a home and every homeowner wants to keep it intact and well-maintained. Just like anything else, without giving your lawn a proper amount of time and keen attention, you can’t expect it to be healthy and looking good. Power raking your lawn is one of those necessities if you desire superb turf.

Power raking is a process used to remove the thatches between the grassroots and soil. Thatches could be very healthy for the grass if they are between ½ to 1/3 inches, but if it exceeds this limit then it could damage the grass greatly. Thatches are made due to over-fertilization or over-watering. When thatches exceed the healthy limit, then they could keep the soil moisturized for too long, preventing sunlight to reach grass roots. Besides, it could lessen the grass’ capability to resist harsh weathers like dry and hot summers.

To avoid all these issues, power raking your lawn is used to remove the unnecessary thatch and keep their growth healthy. If thatch remains, then the growth of grass could become uneven and the surface would not remain smooth, which could cause issues in mowing the grass as well. The most prominent benefits of power raking your lawn are:

  • Proper access to water and sunlight to grassroots
  • Access to fertilizers and nutrients to the soil
  • Healthy growth of grass
  • Avoidance of many diseases
  • Smooth surface and growth of the grass

The above-mentioned benefits and many other benefits are there to prove how necessary power raking your lawn becomes when the thatch get out of control in any lawn or grass ground. There are many Winnipeg lawn care companies providing this service, but one should make sure that the company is reliable with a good track record.

Kristan Zoppa
President at Cleanr Group Ltd.
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