Mowing Tip: Do Not Scalp the Lawn

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Mowing Tip: Do Not Scalp the Lawn

Properly cutting your lawn is among the easiest methods of combatting disease and weeds. Mowing grass at the suggested height assists it in getting the important nutrients and sunlight necessary to be healthy and lush. Cutting too short (or “scalping”) may have some severe repercussions; it may weaken and destroy the lawn. In addition, mowing too short is going to restrict the nutrient supply of your grass, providing weeds free reign. Here are some thoughts provided by the Winnipeg lawn care professionals of Cleanr Mow,

How Scalping Impacts the Grass

Grass has the ability to survive because of photosynthesis, the process of taking light from the sun in and utilizing the light as energy. Mowing too much of its leaf blade restricts the lawn’s capability of storing this energy, limiting its nutrient supply, as well as eventually choking out the grass. Uncertain if you are scalping the yard? If the grass is so very short that its stem is showing, it is too short. Usually, a stem is a brownish color. Generally, the majority of warm season grasses ought to be at the minimum of 1” in height and the majority of cool season grasses ought to be at a minimum of 2.5” in height. You also may be scalping your lawn if you routinely mow the grass at the lawn mower’s lowest setting.

Factors Which Make Scalping Worse

Among the worst contributing conditions to scalping is cutting using a dull blade. The next time you cut the grass, take a peek at the grass afterwards. If the grass appears frayed and torn, the blade requires sharpening. It is possible to purchase a blade sharpener at the majority of garden and home centers. In addition, lawn scalping in the warmth of summer seriously will hinder a grass’s capability of recovering. Since warm weather already stresses out yards, scalping will more than likely make things worse.

Quality Mowing Tips

It is better for the yard to be too long than overly short. Try and keep the grass around 3” in length all through the growing season. It also is useful to leave clippings on the lawn rather than bagging them. Grass that is decomposed is going to return valuable nutrients to the soil via a system referred to as “grass-cycling.” The system works a lot better while cutting the grass at the driest time of day, as excessive dampness might otherwise cause grass clippings to clump and block light from the sun from the yard. Overlap the mowing route by 2 – 3”, as it’ll keep your yard at a consistent height, as well as ensure that all of it gets cut.

Fixing the Yard

If you recognize that you have been scalping your lawn, allow the grass to grow slowly to its correct height, never mowing more than one-third of the blade length at one time. Also, you will need to water infrequently and deeply. Correct irrigation will assist your lawn in recovering properly. If scalping killed large spaces of your yard, Cleanr Mow will assist you in reseeding these brown and bare spots. Our seeding services are going to help your lawn recover rapidly and allow your grass to grow much healthier and thicker than before.

What is Power Raking?

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What is Power Raking?

Spring marks the beginning of the yard care season, and with it comes the start of the broadleaf weeds. Weeds, similar to grass, desire the majority of the same pleasantries – which includes competing for the exact same piece of real estate which receives balanced fertility, ideal soil conditions, and ample water. Weeds are extremely aggressive, and even the best manicured yards are going to have some and are susceptible to infestation. Weed tolerance is minimal and just the idea of viewing yellow dandelion flowers drives the majority of lawn care professionals and homeowners crazy.

Taking a proactive approach in order to prevent weeds is the most efficient, with the top defense being a healthy and thick yard. When and if weeds persist, there are a multitude of options to think about both synthetic and natural.

If It Isn’t Grass, it is A Weed!

Do not allow specific broadleaf weeds to fool you; in the instance of your yard, anything other than the grass blades is considered a weed. Clover, dandelions, chickweed, and thistle, all are instances of typical broadleaf weeds. The weeds disrupt the uniformity of turf and start outcompeting all desired turfgrass.

Growing Environment

Poor soil conditions, unbalanced fertility, heavy traffic, excessive shade, and a variety of other conditions all can present unfavorable turf growing environments. Bare, thin, and weak areas are the initial place weeds will likely probably take over as conditions such as these persist and aren’t improved.

Power Raking: it’s an excellent method of removing dead crust and debris which builds up on a yard over the winter. It also is a delicate way to extract a tiny bit of thatch from the yard, without having to cause the substantial destruction that dethatching may cause.

We suggest Cleanr Mow’s Winnipeg power raking services in the Springtime, before new growth begins. This service is particularly efficient along with overseeding, as it’ll open the yard surface in order for new seed to become better established. It also is an outstanding way to thicken bentgrass lawns up, as this service slices the surface stolons as well as stimulates fresh growth, which thickens the yard.

Generally, Power Raking includes utilizing fixed knife-type blades which slice the thatch rather than ripping it up. Utilizing a de-thatching machine, it’s set on high in order for the blades to simply skim the surface. Unlike dethatching, it does not lead to extensive destruction, so the yard rapidly recovers and keeps its density.

The service may be performed in the spring or the fall. If you want to remove wintertime debris, it’s suggested to get it done before your yard begins to grow to resist setting the yard back during crucial spring growth.

If this service is being done with overseeding, CleanrMow recommends getting it done in spring to permit the fresh seedlings an abundance of time to become set up before the summertime heat and drought. Early fall or late summer is the optimal time for overseeding, because you resist the summertime drought and heat and the new seedlings don’t need to compete with any germinating weeds in the spring.

Ways to Prevent Theft of Lawn Care Equipment

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Ways to Prevent Theft of Lawn Care Equipment

Fresh spring weather is about to come and go and leave in its stead the gorgeous summer sun. There may be no imagining summertime thrills without the infectious smiles of children playing in front yards, and the laughter of teens swimming in backyard swimming pools. But, in conjunction with these picturesque summertime notions, comes the irritating reality of yard care equipment theft. Unfortunately, the summer season also means time for theft prevention. Don’t panic, these prevention tips from the residential lawn care experts of Cleanr Mow will, without a doubt, lessen your equipment theft problems.

Insurance Coverage: It Goes a Long Way

Lawn equipment coverage indeed goes a long way in peace of mind and security. Double check with insurance companies for existing policy stipulations concerning lawn equipment. Regardless, think about the benefit of engraving the lawn equipment, as marking costly pieces using identifying numbers assists police in locating equipment owners faster.

Lock Expensive Equipment Up

The ideal method of preventing theft of lawn equipment is to just store everything. But though it might seem obvious, recalling to actually lock the storage area up, is, needless to say, important. As an extra safety precaution, remove every equipment key, and think about putting in an alarm sensor in which your equipment is kept. On the other hand, if the lawn equipment has to be kept outside, be certain that you keep all access gates locked.

If You Cannot Lock the Equipment Up, Lock It Down

If storing the equipment is not possible, theft prevention might be as easy as securing lawn equipment using a chain, or looping it using a rope. Just ensure that you secure it to a fixed, solid object, to prevent someone from taking it. If you are really concerned about property loss, the extra measure of security cameras, or flood lighting, may make a big difference.

Healthily-maintained lawns increase the perceived worth of a house. If you determine to sell your house during any point, a beautiful, lush yard certainly will boost the value attached to your home, and thereby make you more money.

Usually, it’s the case when an expert lawn care service is in charge of your yard care. It also should be taken into account that using a professional lawn care service like Cleanr Mow also saves you money down the road.

Now consider actually buying all of the equipment and additional resources you need to offer care for your lawn and investing the energy and time to do it on your own.

It’s fairly expensive, compared with hiring a lawn care business in Winnipeg to do those same things for you.

If you don’t want to have to worry about getting your lawn equipment stolen, just leave it to the professionals at Cleanr Mow. We provide all of our own equipment. Our rates start as low as $119 a month! Book a free estimate today here. There is so much value to be had from a gorgeous lawn; from the breathtaking view of your home to time spent relaxing with your loved ones, to the pride in having a well-manicured house.