How Often Should I Aerate My Lawn?

Lawn aeration should be performed at a minimum of once every two years to maintain an average looking lawn. Annual aeration is the most common choice by homeowners, as aeration is not a very expensive service offered by most lawn care companies. If your lawn is heavily trafficked (lots of pets or children playing), aeration can provide even greater benefits if you have it done twice a year. The optimal time of the year to have aeration done is in the spring when the lawn is begining to transition from dormant to growing. In Winnipeg, this occurs near the end of April/begining of May. If you plan to have your lawn aerated twice a year, it is best to have it done early spring and then again in the fall. The best time in the fall in Winnipeg is late September/early October. Waiting too long in October can actually result in negative effects towards the lawn, so it is best to err on the side of caution and aim for late September.

Lawn aeration is the act of taking a special machine over your lawn that punches holes roughly 2-4” in length and an inch in diameter. As you push the aerator over the lawn, the tines rotate causing more holes to be created and this results in ‘plugs’ being pulled from the lawn. These plugs are comprised of a layer of soil and the top layer of thatch/grass that makes up your lawn. Leaving these plugs on your lawn and raking them in over the following two weeks can be extremely beneficial for your lawn. The actual act of lawn aeration allows the lawn to absorb more nutrients, water, and allows the lawn to breath. This act of de-compacting your lawn is especially necessary on lawns that are heavily trafficked.[/cs_text]

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