Is It Better To Leave Your Lawn Long Or Short For Winter?

Winter is right around the corner and that means that you are preparing for the final mow of the season. Many homeowners look forward to this day with anticipation, however, they wonder how they should leave their yard to give it the best appearance through the winter months. Should they leave their lawn long or short for winter? 


If you are getting ready to store your lawnmower for the season, here are a few things that you need to know about your final cut: 


Why Does It Matter?

The height of your grass dictates the overall look of your lawn and influences your home’s curb appeal. A shaggy cut can leave your home looking unkempt for the months that follow. However, a cut that is too short can accidentally spark hibernation in your grass and cause it to die without real cause. Both of these issues can present problems for homeowners who take pride in the outward appearance of their homes. 


Finding the right length for your yard gives you more time to enjoy the look of fresh green grass before it gets covered up with fluffy white snow. Fortunately, there is a real answer regarding how long your grass should be when winter comes around. 


The Proper Height

What type of grass do you have in your yard? Understanding the different varieties can give you more insight into the proper height of your grass. For example, a Kentucky Bluegrass and a Bermuda grass will have different length requirements for the winter. Even without this particular information, there are some general guidelines that you can follow for any type of lawn. 


When you wrap up your summer and fall lawn care, you should leave your grass somewhere between two and three inches tall. Most people prefer to leave their grass right in the middle at two-and-a-half inches. If the grass is longer than this, it tends to get matted and can cause future problems because of its density when spring rolls around again. 


Cutting Your Grass

The grass will continue to grow until the temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius. Depending on the area you live in, this means that you may have grass that grows well into the winter months. Make sure you are paying attention to the weather because you will need to do your final mowing before the first frost. 


Once you know when the first frost is set to occur, plan to mow your grass two to three times before this date. Slowly cut the grass shorter each time because you never want to trim more than one-third of the blades at a time. Always give your yard a day or two to rest between trimmings. 


Professional Lawn Maintenance

Preparing your yard for the winter is an important task that makes a big difference in the appearance of your home. Instead of tackling it yourself, why not leave your last lawn care sessions of the season up to the professionals? Contact Cleanr Mow for all of your yard maintenance in Winnipeg, MB

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