Lawn Care Trends 2022

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Are you interested in keeping your outdoor space vibrant and healthy this upcoming season? You might need to research the lawn care trends for 2022 to make sure that you are getting the most out of your yard. Cleanr Property Maintenance has great options for maintaining the quality of your lawn and keeping it healthy all year long.


Here is what you can expect from the hottest lawn care trends this year! 


Expanding Outdoor Space

One of the best ways to get increased living space from your home is to expand to the outdoor areas. Broaden your living spaces with a beautiful seated area off the back patio or on your front porch. Landscaping in these areas is more popular than ever before, but so is your general lawn care. 


Cleanr an help you maintain your outdoor living areas with our lawn care services. Our team of experienced lawn care professionals will look at the chemistry of your yard including the soil type, the type of grass you have, and any weeds that may be sprouting up. Cut back on the research you would need to do to produce a bright green lawn and thriving plants by signing up for professional lawn care with us. 


Weed Control

Are you tired of looking at unsightly weeds that pop up in your yard each season? Whether you want to eliminate the yellow dandelions or other thick weeds that crop up, you can benefit from one of 2022’s hottest lawn care trends: weed control. 


At Cleanr Property Maintenance, we offer three unique packages that provide full-season coverage for your yard. Our packages include applications of a quality fertilizer as well as Fiesta weed control. Save your time this season by going with one of our weed control packages! 


Lawn Aeration

Maybe you have already noticed that the neighbours have small holes and dirt plugs all over their yard. Lawn aeration is an important tool to help you grow a more uniform lawn. It allows the dirt of your yard to better absorb nutrients and oxygen because it takes away some of the density that can occur as the soil gets packed down. As a result, your lawn will be free to grow healthy, green grass that will look thick and full. 


Keep in mind that aeration is best done at least twice a year. Without the proper tools, it can be extremely challenging to do this on your own, so consider bringing in a team of professionals who can knock the job out in a single afternoon depending on the size of your yard! 


Getting Professional Help for Your Yard

If you are ready to start taking advantage of some of these lawn care trends for 2022, then you might need help from qualified lawn care professionals who have the tools and experience you want for your yard. Cleanr Property Maintenance offers top-notch lawn care services in Winnipeg that can help you get more out of your yard. Give us a call today and learn how we can assist you! 

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