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Save Money With These Lawn Care Hacks

A fresh, green lawn is truly one of the joys of the summer season.  But caring for that lawn?  All the mowing, mulching, fertilizing, weeding, watering, aerating, spraying, and more?  It’s time-consuming, to say the least.  And also, it can be hard on the pocketbook.  

Well, we have good news on both fronts.  At Cleanr Property Maintenance, we know how much work a perfect lawn can be, and we’re here to help.  But first, we’re also here to give you some ideas on how to stretch your lawn care budget further and save it for the really important things (like hiring a regular mowing service).  


Kill Weeds With Newspaper and a Tea Kettle

Yes, this is a great one.  If you’re not feeling the weed-pulling vibe, boil up some water instead and pour it on the roots of the weeds.  But be precise; splashing boiling water all over the lawn can damage the roots of your grass as well.  

Afterward, cover weedy patches with moistened newspaper or cardboard.  Without light, any new weeds that were waiting to crop up will be killed off as well.  And after a couple of weeks, you’ll have a fresh space to re-seed with your favourite lawn grass…all without spending a dime on weed killers or other lawn-care tools.  


Reduce Water Usage

Depending on where you live, one of the largest lawn-care expenses you incur may be watering.  Besides being good for the environment, reducing water consumption is great for your budget too!  

Purchasing drip irrigation hoses is admittedly an up-front expense, but it will save you a lot of time in the long run.  Another option for channelling water exactly where it needs to go is by hand watering with a hose or watering can (depending on the size of your lawn).  Use a rain barrel as your water source, and you’ve saved all your money for hiring a mowing company instead of spending it on water!


Start Composting

Composting is a common way to create your own rich soil without breaking the bank.  Collect kitchen scraps and yard waste in any one of a wide range of backyard composting systems and watch your lawn care costs take a plunge.  Spreading a thin layer of compost over your lawn is a great way to keep the grass happy!


Plant Hardy Species

Selecting drought-tolerant grass species or including native plants in your lawn is a smart and simple way to reduce weeds, water waste, and other common lawn expenses.  A small investment in seeds can save you a lot later on.  Visit a local nursery to find out what species are best suited to your climate and gardening zone.  


Let the Pros Lighten Your Load

There are many great ways to ease the burden of lawn care, but in our opinion, the best one is to hire professionals to take care of the day-to-day tasks for you.  Hiring lawn care professionals in Winnipeg will save you time and energy.  And after saving money by using some of the hacks we’ve just suggested, it will be more affordable too!  So give us a call at Cleanr Property Maintenance Snow Removal & Lawn Care today!

Kristan Zoppa
President at Cleanr Group Ltd.
I'm Kristian Zoppa, the founder and President of Cleanr Property Maintenance. Since 2015, I've dedicated myself to delivering top-notch lawn care services and sharing my experiences on this blog. Guided by a deep commitment to honesty and quality, I aim to provide you with the professional service you deserve.
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