Why Does Grass Turn Brown?

A well-groomed lawn is something to be proud of – it can be a source of envy for your neighbours, who wish their grass was as green as yours. But what do you do when your lawn starts turning brown? Despite your frequent fertilizations and diligent watering, parts of your grass may stubbornly refuse to turn green. Here are a few reasons why your yard may be failing to thrive:


Chinch bugs or grubs are stealing water. Insects are sometimes responsible for the death of a lawn; this can occur when your lawn is overwatered. The bugs lurk beneath the soil and suck up the water that you diligently sprinkle your grass with, making all your hard work futile. You can check for them by pulling up a small area of brown grass and looking for an excess of bugs. 


Your lawn has a disease. There may be a fungus lurking beneath the soil of your lawn. Brown patches of grass are sometimes caused by Rhizoctonia solani, a fungus that sprouts during humid, hot weather. You may notice a ring of dark brown or grey around the brown patch of grass, which is indicative of this disease. If you suspect that your lawn is being compromised by fungi, it’s time to call a lawn care specialist who can use a fungicide to eliminate it.


Pet waste is killing your lawn. If you’re a dog owner, then your lawn endures a lot of damage. The acidic urine and waste that accumulates on your lawn can kill your grass. Try to flush it away with a water hose.


Weeds are competing for nutrients (and winning). The battle to grow a green lawn is not won easily when weeds are contenders. They’ll sap your grass of water and nutrients, leaving it undernourished and dry. Every time you water your lawn, you end up watering the weeds, too. These nuisances are tough to control, and you’ll need the help of a lawn care service to treat them.


Watering too much, or too little. Areas that experience droughts are a recipe for disaster when it comes to lawn care. Grass will bake under the hot sun and dry out without regular watering. When your lawn goes dormant, it starts changing colour. On the other hand, too much watering can weaken your grass, exposing it to weeds and inevitably causing it to turn brown.


Your sprinklers are missing spots. Finally, you’ve set your sprinklers up on a cycle so that you never have to worry about watering again. But what about that patch on the far left side of your lawn that just won’t turn green? It might be getting missed by the radius of your sprinklers. Check for dry spots after your sprinklers have completed a cycle to see if you’re missing any areas.

Want to turn your grass from an unappealing brown to a lush green? Then you should call the experts; at Cleanr Property Maintenance, we offer lawn care services in Winnipeg. From lawn aeration to fertilizer and weed control, our services can restore your lawn and transform it into a full and green garden.

Kristan Zoppa
President at Cleanr Group Ltd.
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