Tips For Clearing A Driveway Of Snow

Snow isn’t necessarily beautiful when it’s scattered all over your driveway. You wish you could appreciate the intricacy of individual snowflakes, but the reality is that they cause problems when it comes to driving your car in and out of your lot. With the amount of snow that we get in Winnipeg, it might be tempting just to let it pile up. Unfortunately, this can result in fines, depending on the bylaws in your community. It also increases the chances that someone will slip as they walk up to your home. If you’re the one stuck with the snow shovelling duties, here are a few tips that will help you out:


Don’t walk on it.

Try to stay off the soon-to-be shovelled snow as much as you can. When snow is packed down by our feet or car tires, it becomes more difficult to remove. To make the task ahead a bit easier, avoid walking on your driveway and sidewalk before you shovel. Fresh snow is light and fluffy, making it easier to shovel; it’s best to remove it soon after a snowfall to prevent the snow from getting packed down. 


Use a shovel with a plastic head.

It isn’t inexpensive to have your driveway paved with cement—the last thing you want to do is damage it while you’re trying to clear away snow. A metal head will be too abrasive on your driveway and harm the material; try a plastic one instead.

Not all shovels are designed the same way. Some are built to protect your back, like ergonomic models which have bent handles so your back stays straight while you shovel. If you’re shopping for the perfect shovel, test out a few in the store, and see how they feel to your back and wrist. 


Stretch your muscles before shovelling. 

We might think to warm up before a run or exercise routine, but what about when we shovel? It’s physical exertion just like any other activity. If you don’t stretch before you shovel, you risk pulling a muscle or injuring yourself. 

Injuries related to shovelling snow are common across Canada, a country that’s known for its long winters. These guidelines were created to help prevent Canadians from injuring themselves after a snowfall. A few things to note here are to take frequent breaks (every 15 minutes), bundle up, and don’t consume caffeine or alcohol before shovelling.


Reconsider buying a snowblower.

The idea of using a machine to take care of your winter woes sounds great. But in reality? It works out to be a lot of money and maintenance. You’ll need to pay for fuel, as well as pay for repairs if it breaks down. Plus, you’ll need to find somewhere to store it during the summer months. Rather than buying this expensive appliance, you’re better off paying professionals to shovel snow for you.


Hire a snow removal service.

Life doesn’t stop just because the snow falls. You need to get on with your day, but snow is in the way, and your back can’t take any more shovelling or snow blowing. Why not leave it to the professionals? At Cleanr Property Maintenance, we offer snow removal in Winnipeg. We provide a reliable and consistent service that will save you from the trouble of shovelling snow yourself. 

Kristan Zoppa
President at Cleanr Group Ltd.
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