Tips On Keeping Sidewalks Clean

Has this ever happened to you?

You leave your home on a sunny, winter morning, with your car keys in one hand and a coffee thermos in the other. The next thing you know, you’ve slipped on the icy sidewalk, and everything comes crashing down. You’ve stained your shirt, injured your bottom, and lost your keys in the snow.

Dirty sidewalks are no joke!

Keeping the sidewalk clean does more than maintain a tidy appearance—it also prevents safety hazards like slipping on ice. Here’s how you can keep your sidewalks clean:


Salt them

If we can’t prevent snow from falling, melting, then freezing again, then how do we prevent an icy sidewalk?

Your best bet is to keep a package of sidewalk salt handy. This is usually made of calcium or sodium chloride. You can also try spreading sand to increase traction on the surface of the sidewalk. 

The sooner you take action, the better. An icy stretch of sidewalk is a disaster waiting to happen, either to you or to your unsuspecting mail carrier. 


Shovel after a snowfall

A straw broom won’t cut it in the midst of a Manitoba winter. Sure, you might be able to remove the top layer of debris, but a broom won’t stand a chance against piles of snow. 

In other (warmer) parts of the world, a power washer will do the trick to hose down dirt. But in our snowy city, that water will soon freeze into ice, making the sidewalk even more dangerous than before!

To cut through the buildup of a Winnipeg sidewalk, you’ll need a heavy-duty shovel. 

Not just any shovel will do. Look for one with an ergonomic handle to prevent muscle strain. Be sure to practice proper lifting techniques so that you don’t injure your back. 


Keep an eye on the weather forecast

When you can anticipate the next snowfall, you can plan when you’ll need to break out your trusty shovel again. 

And here’s an insider tip: if you apply salt before the snow falls, it can help prevent a buildup of ice. 

There are two very different kinds of snow: freshly fallen, and packed down. The first kind is light, fluffy, and easy to lift with your shovel. The second is compact, heavy, and requires a lot of effort to remove.

Shovel shortly after a snowfall so you don’t have to go through that extra effort. If you watch the weather to see when it will snow next, you’ll have an easier time keeping the sidewalks clean and safe.


Schedule snow removal services

A messy sidewalk spells out problems for home and business owners. You don’t want your family to slip on a patch of ice and injure themselves. And if clients lose their footing on the way to your front door, they may just turn around and take their business elsewhere.

For snow removal in Winnipeg, call Cleanr Property Maintenance. We’ll keep your sidewalks in top shape! You won’t need to worry about when it’s going to snow next or if you have time to shovel this week—leave it to us, and your sidewalks will look better than ever before.

Kristan Zoppa
President at Cleanr Group Ltd.
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