The Cleanr Snow Experience

Imagine a winter where you can actually enjoy the snow, rather than dread the thought of it. Envision a winter where at 7am, the morning after a big snow storm, you can head right out to work and don’t have to wake up an hour early to shovel the driveway. Imagine the time savings when you can come home from a fun evening with friends and family and are greeted by a snow free driveway. That is the Cleanr Snow experience and in this blog, we cover exactly how you can enjoy this experience and what to expect.

How Cleanr Snow is Different

Cleanr Snow is a lot different than most other companies here in the Winnipeg snow removal scene. We value communication, friendliness, and consistency of speed. You can rest easy knowing that we will always clear your driveway. Hiring us is a simple process: first, just verify that you are within our snow removal service area. This can be found on our website at After that, simply fill out the booking form on our website. Alternatively, you can call us at (204) 960-0246 to book an estimate. A Cleanr Snow estimator will come out to your property to verify the driveway size and assign a price to it. We have standard flat rate pricing, but sometimes the prices may not apply as not every property is created equally.

Cleanr Snow Winnipeg Snow Removal

Easy Payments

After a Cleanr Snow estimator has done an estimate/size verification at your property, you must set up a payment method on file. We accept credit card on file as payment for our snow removal services. Having a payment method on file helps us to ensure that our time is spent shoveling snow and not spent chasing cheques!

Once your payment is set up, you sit back and enjoy the rest of your winter without having to worry about the weather. When the snow hits and it amounts to greater than 1” of total snowfall, our crews are dispatched to take care of it. You will always be kept in constant communication with us and you will be notified when we plan to begin clearing, when we expect to finish by, and if we expect to see more snow within the next few days. Communication is a major priority for us because we know that you must be in the know whether we are coming or not. Sending a Snow Clearing Notification email also allows us to spend more time working a snow blower and less time making phone calls.

Overall, you are our main focus during the winter. Clearing your driveway as quickly and neatly as we can is our priority and we give it our all each and every snow storm. As we continue to grow into one of the largest residential snow removal services here in Winnipeg, we strive to always out perform and out pace ourselves to become the very best in the city. If you have not yet, please give us a call at (204) 960-0246 to sign up for snow removal services this winter or to receive an estimate. We look forward to making your life a little bit easier.

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