Winnipeg Lawn Mowing

Here at Cleanr Mow, we offer comprehensive lawn care services year round, from landscaping in the summer to snow blowing in the winter. We believe in the services we offer because we believe in the value of having a well-kept property that you, your family and even your neighbors can enjoy.

We offer aeration, top layers, spring and fall clean-ups, all manner of things – but none of it matters when your lawn is being mowed properly. The core principle we believe in, the thing that got our business started, is that grass cutting Winnipeg residents can rely on and enjoy – that’s the most essential thing.

Lawn mowing rates as low as $119 per month.

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A Well Maintained Lawn Makes a Great Impression

To understand why we’re so passionate about mowing your grass, you first have to take a step back and appreciate why we have lawns in the first place. Lawns exist as an aesthetic bridge, a way of tying together all the properties in the neighborhood to one cohesive whole. When your lawn is well-kept, and your neighbor’s lawn is well kept, along with all the other lawns on your street, people notice.

They appreciate that conscientious, hard-working folk live in the neighborhood, and that they care enough to keep their property looking beautiful. Lawns are also hotspots for communal activities; barbecuing together, throwing Canada Day parties, enjoying the sunshine with your family. This sense of community is what’s so important to us; we truly believe that a well-kept lawn can lead to greater ties between people, strengthening our city.

Value For Your Money

Before anything else, we pride ourselves in being a company that has a passion for lawns. That means that we will always exceed expectations. Our quotes are within the market range but the quality of work that we deliver is far beyond market standards. Our estimates are also extremely precise, as we do not seek to make you pay for what you do not need. For example, we won’t tell you that your lawn needs aeration when it is more than well aerated.

Premier Service

Our dedication to mowing your lawn means we’ll use all manner of obscure techniques to ensure perfect growth. A lot of people don’t realize that lawns are mowed not just to shorten them, but to encourage better growth. When the tops of grass blades are trimmed, they grow back stronger, and in more different directions, creating an interwoven tapestry of lush grass. Mowing can also cull the weaker grasses, leaving more room for the strongest, greenest grass to grow. The grass mulch we get from mowing is used as fertilizer for the lawn, encouraging even more beautiful growth.

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All Winnipeg Lawn Mowing Plans Include:

  • Mowing, Trimming & Edging

    Weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing, trimming & edging are included with our residential plans.

  • Variable Cut Heights

    Based on the weather conditions, we alter our mowing height to make sure you get an optimal cut!

  • Uniformed Staff

    All of our staff wear company provided uniforms when working on residential properties.

  • Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

    Enjoy the fact that you are covered with year round service including spring & fall clean-ups!

  • Grass Clippings Mulched

    All grass clippings are mulched and left on the grass to provide nutrients and help grass health.

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  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    We have a 200% satisfaction rate and many 5-star reviews to prove it!

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Let Us Take Care of Your Lawn This Season

We’ll vary how short we cut the grass depending on a wide variety of factors: how shaded the area is, how much rain there is in the forecast, and what type of grass you have.

We always cut grass between 2.5” and 3.5”; this leaves the grass short enough that it can grow back strong, but long enough that it discourages damage due to drought and disease. We may vary the patterns with which we cut your grass in order to further promote healthy growth.

Winnipeg Lawn Mowing Service

All-Season Lawn Mowing

To give you lawn the best care, you need to make sure it is catered for all season long. You can attempt to do it yourself, but there is no better way than to rely on a competent service provider like Cleanr Mow. Our Winnipeg lawn mowing packages have full-season coverage. We are well skilled and equipped to perform the different services your lawn will need after the winter and during the summer. With us, you can relax and let the year pass by without worry about your lawn. At Cleanr Mow, we will ensure your lawn is well catered for all year round. Our spring and fall cleanups include lawn aeration and power raking.

Winnipeg Lawn Mowing

Satisfaction Guaranteed, 200%

We understand that each Winnipeg lawn and its homeowner are unique. Just like you would want your breakfast made and served in a certain way, we are committed to ensuring that our Winnipeg residential lawn care services satisfy you fully. We will work with you to ensure we provide your lawn with a 5-star rated job backed by our 200% guarantee. We work with over 50 seasonal customers who are always happy with our services with another 50+ year round customers.

Winnipeg Lawn Mowing by Cleanr Mow

Courteous Professionalism

We’re passionate about lawn mowing, so if you have any questions about our processes, we’ll be more than happy to answer them! We can make adjustments based on your schedule, we’ll always reschedule if your mow falls on a rainy day, and we’re ready to accomodate special requests. We want your lawn looking pristine; save yourself the time, energy and research necessary to mow your lawn perfectly every time, and leave it to the professionals at Cleanr Mow!

Satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Check out our reviews page. 

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