Winnipeg Residential Lawn Care Services

As homeowners, we pride ourselves in a well-manicured lawn. There’s just something about a great looking lawn – a lawn that admittedly becomes the envy of your neighbors or adds to the elegance of your home. With a beautiful lawn, hosting picnics or other outdoor activities with friends and family becomes much more enjoyable. More often than we’d prefer, the perfect lawn only exists in our imaginations. Busy lives and lack of quality Winnipeg residential lawn care services lead to unkept and unhealthy lawns that don’t do anyone any good. But a lawn isn’t something you can just stuff away in a closet.

Lucky for you, we at Cleanr Mow have become a leader in Winnipeg residential lawn care services. If you have been postponing that date with your lawn, we’ll take the burden off your hands. The best part is our lawn care plans start at as low as $119/month. Plus you can get a free estimate right here online.

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Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is like opening up the lungs of the ground surface for your grass to breathe and grow. By breaking up the compacted ground surface, lawn aeration perforates the soil surface to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate.

Now you do not need to spend the whole day stabbing your lawn with a pitchfork, unless it’s a really small lawn. There are several core aeration machines such as the Bluebird mechanical machine that we at Cleanr Mow use to achieve the best lawn aerating results. By using the Bluebird, we are able to achieve deep core aeration that is required for proper Winnipeg residential lawn care.

As the aerator rolls across the grass, sharp metal tubes penetrate the soil and pull out plugs of about ¾” in diameter and 3” in length. Annual aeration is necessary for your lawn if it experiences heavy usage.

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Lawn Care

Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Just like a good haircut, providing your lawn with proper lawn care service leaves it looking nice and fresh. Lawn care serves a good aesthetic purpose, especially if it is complemented by other features such as a pond, flower beds or pavement.

Keep Pests Off Your Lawn

You don’t want any critters turning your lawn into their new home. Regular mowing and cleaning of your lawn will help keep all such pests at bay. A well-kept lawn will help avoid disturbance by small pests and therefore provide no incentive for larger animals that might make their way into your backyard.

Cleanr Mow Winnipeg Residential Lawn Care Services
Enable Your Grass to Grow

It may sound ironic that cutting your grass makes it grow, but the reality is, regular trimming ensures even growth of your lawn. A uniform cut ensures even distribution of resources such as sunlight and water. Such a factor is very important as it will contribute to the final appearance of your lawn.

Lawn care is not limited to just slashing down those long grass blades. There are various operations that are carried out on the lawn to ensure it is in tip top condition. Most of these operations will not only be time consuming but also require experienced personnel such as those we offer here at Cleanr Mow for Winnipeg residential lawn care services.

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An Experience Worth Sharing

Your Winnipeg lawn mowing experience with us is guaranteed to be the best you will get. We offer you 5-star services with the full commitment of fulfilling your lawn care needs. We work with you to understand your desired service and our personnel work to give you the highest level of workmanship.

As part of our superior service, we offer attention to the smallest detail you leave us, whether it is the caution we should take regarding that flower bed or closing the gate so that your new dog doesn’t wander out.

We believe that you, our customer, deserves the best. That’s why we offer a 200% guarantee. In case you are unsatisfied with our service, we’ll pay a competitor to provide the same service to you as testament to our assurance in providing you with quality service.

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Power Raking

Power raking may be considered as a more aggressive raking process, where you remove excess thatch from your lawn. Although it serves the same purpose as de-thatching, power raking uses a gas-powered machine while de-thatching uses metal rakes or de-thatching mowers.

Power raking is a good method of removing dead debris that builds up on your lawn over the year, especially during winter. Therefore, we recommend that power raking be done after winter in the springtime.

It should be at a time when the lawn has fully dried with absence of wet spots because if it is power raked while still wet, it runs the risk of tearing.

Winnipeg Residential Lawn Care Services

Power raking in the summer, on the other hand, creates too much stress on the lawn and increases the risk of damage. The perfect time would be when the grass is switching into growth mode, usually during mid-spring.

By power raking, you are able to achieve a much cleaner job performed much faster. In return, you get more value for much less. Our Winnipeg residential lawn care services for the spring season offer a spring power rake for only $99 that covers up to 3,000 square feet of turf.