Property Maintenance Winnipeg

Buying a house is a huge investment; not just in your financial future, but in creating a home for your family, a sanctuary that you can truly call your own. When we think of property maintenance, we don’t just think of it as cleaning up any space; we think of it as your space, your pride and joy. We think of your neighbors, your family, your friends, everyone who is going to enjoy looking at and using your beautiful property.

As such, we offer a wide variety of property maintenance services to keep your yard looking absolutely spectacular, year round. At Cleanr Mow, we do so much more than mow, so much more than maintain; we help upkeep and create a beautiful, living space.

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Property Maintenance Services

How do we do it? Right there in the name, it all starts with the mow. We mow your lawn perfectly, changing how short it will go depending on weather conditions, trimming and edging so that the lawn is cut seamlessly from end to end. We allow the mulched grass to act as fertilizer, stimulating beautiful growth in your grass. When we’re done with our seasonal mowing, your lawn will be a tapestry, the blades of grass beautifully interwoven into a lush and vibrant lawn.

Our work doesn’t stop there; we understand that creating a work of art takes time and effort, so we offer a myriad of supplementary services to improve your lawn’s care. Power mowing to get rid of the excess thatch that’s hurting your lawn. Aeration services in order to help the soil absorb nutrients and water so your grass can grow perfectly. Top layer services to add that extra bit of fertilization to ensure optimal growth. Lawns are breathing, living things, so all that extra care and attention will create something absolutely stunning.

Maintenance For All Seasons


The lawn isn’t the only thing we want to worry about though, so we offer a plethora of other services to keep your whole property looking immaculate. Our extraordinary popular fall and spring clean up services take care of all the dead leaves and debris you’ll find before winter starts and after it’s over; these services can include picking up the debris, blowing through garden beds to get rid of accumulated dead plant matter, and blowing over the sidewalks and driveway. We can also get on our hands and knees to remove weeds through your flower beds, so that what you’ve planted grows and what you haven’t stays away.

Property Maintenance

Winnipeg is a true winter city, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t offer snow removal services. When enough snow has accumulated to cause any kind of problems, we’ll be out in the streets, clearing driveways. Our snow removal services work 24/7, so you know we’ll be getting you out quickly, even after a snowstorm. At Cleanr Mow, we’re here for you any time of year; we’ll keep your sanctuary clean. We do property maintenance properly, respecting your boundaries and needs all while ensuring the growth and development of your lawn.