Snow Plowing vs Snow Blowing – Which Is Better in 2022?

Some things in life are absolutely certain. For example, every 365 days, the earth revolves around the sun. And in that time, your property in Winnipeg will be blanketed by snow—repeatedly. You’re looking for the best way to keep it under control in 2022. But which is more efficient: snow plowing or snow blowing?

Both of these methods offer the same end result – the snow is moved from one location to another, but with some key differences. We’re going to explain more about each, so you can decide which is best for your property in 2022:


Snow Plowing

Snowplows are attached to the front of a vehicle. As you drive the vehicle forward, the metal plow collects snow and shovels it to the desired location. Since a snowplow is attached to a vehicle, operators must be careful to control their speed; otherwise, it could damage the property. 

Plowing snow really only has one main benefit versus snow blowing. It’s not a benefit that the end consumer will see much-added value from. We’re talking about speed.

In some circumstances, plowing can be marginally quicker than blowing. This benefit is only seen by the operator, as they can squeeze more properties into their route. As a consumer, efficiency is what matters more so than direct speed.


Snow Blowing

A snowblower uses a spiral blade or an auger to collect snow and redistribute it to the side. They’re operated by one person rather than a vehicle. 

Snow blowing offers many benefits over plowing. One of the greatest advantages is the much lower risk of property damage. Even an experienced snow plow operator is always running the risk of scratching your driveway, tearing your grass and landscaping up, or hitting objects hidden by the snow. On the other hand, a snowblower operator has better sightlines and can safely navigate your property.

The snowblower won’t tear up your grass. The chances of a snowblower doing any damage are very low, especially with the type of snowblowers we use.

At Cleanr Property Maintenance, we almost exclusively use single-stage snow blowers that have rubber paddles. This means that if our blower does catch anything, the damage will be extremely minimal. There is also no risk of scratching or damaging a driveway. All contact points are rubber/plastic and not metal like a plow.

Another key benefit of snow blowing versus plowing is plow piles. During long and heavy snowfall winters, snow piles get left behind from plows. As we all know, these can start to stack up extremely high on your front lawn. This can not only be unsightly, but extremely annoying for the homeowner. 

With a snowblower, you can disperse the snow in a more even fashion, allowing for fewer piles around the property. This means the grass underneath will not be as affected come springtime.


2022 is expected to be a lot snowier than the year before. Snowstorm after snowstorm, it’s difficult to find the time (or the energy) to shovel. You need the best equipment to keep your property looking tidy and maintained. 

Overall, hiring a company that uses snow blowers for residential snow removal in Winnipeg is a great decision 99% of the time. Unless your driveway is the size of a parking lot, the price will stay comparable. The service will be even better with a snowblower crew.

Here at Cleanr Property Maintenance, we use only snowblower crews for residential services. If you are interested in an estimate, please give us a call at (204) 960-0246 or book an estimate online here.

Kristan Zoppa
President at Cleanr Group Ltd.
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