What’s The Best Snowblower?

Winnipeg snow removal requires a varied set of tools, such as a snowblower, for the job. As you know, we can have snow events ranging from foot-tall dumps to an inch of slush, and everything in between. There is really only one piece of equipment that is universally acceptable for all of the winter conditions we face in Winnipeg, and you will find out what that is below.

Ditch the Shovel

Many people stick with a trusty shovel for the entire winter, and granted it may be good for 1” of light, fluffy snow. But when it comes to heavy slush, you’ll be feeling it in your back. Other people say that only a two-stage snowblower – what you typically think of when you think snowblower – will work in Winnipeg as it is heavy duty and can get through anything. While that is true, a two-stage snowblower can not clear 1-3” of snow effectively, as it will leave a layer of snow/ice on the driveway. The truly best way to tackle snow removal in Winnipeg is with a single-stage snow blower.

Don’t let the small size fool you. Single stage snow blowers are by far the most versatile piece of residential snow removal equipment you can own in Winnipeg. A high quality single stage snow blower can tackle anything from 1” of fluff or slush, to massive snow storms like the two we received in December of 2016. At Cleanr Snow, we maintain a fleet of Toro commercial single stage snow blowers. Even in the biggest of snow falls, it is very rare for us to pull out our two-stage snow blowers.

Why We Use Single-Stage Snowblowers

A single stage Toro snowblower uses a rubber paddle that scrapes and scoops the snow off of the driveway. This is different than a two-stage snow blower, which uses a metal auger. The two-stage can only effectively clear snow when there is enough to hit the metal auger and be forced up the chute.

With the use of a rubber paddle, single stage snow blowers can clear right down to the concrete without any risk of damage, and still manage to handle large volumes of snow.

Here is the kicker. Not only do single-stage snowblowers do a better job of clearing the snow, they are quicker to use as well! With a single-stage snowblower, the limitation to speed is you and you only. You can literally run behind them and they won’t skip a beat. With a two-stage snow blower, you are limited by the gear drive transmission and are forced to walk slowly behind them, all the while doing a poor job of clearing the snow.

In conclusion, single-stage snow blowers are by far the way to go. Toro is the top brand to choose from, in our opinion. If you are a residential home owner and are in the market for a new snow blower, I would urge you to take a look at the Toro 721 R and the Toro 721 E. These can be purchased at any local Toro dealer such as Accurate Lawn and Garden or Home Depot.

If you don’t feel like snow blowing this winter, consider giving us a call to book an estimate – (204) 960-0246.

Kristan Zoppa
President at Cleanr Group Ltd.
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