Can A Brown Lawn Be Saved?

You’re proud of the business that you’ve built, but a brown lawn doesn’t send that message. Summer is almost here, and you’re ready to spruce up the appearance of your business. However, that’s tough to do when your lawn is faded and patchy. 

Should you start from scratch, or can your lawn recover with a bit of TLC?

When something in your office is broken, your first instinct is usually to try and fix it. Who wants to throw away something that used to work? Whether the printer is failing, the Internet is down, or the coffee machine is malfunctioning, you’re determined to fix it so that things can run smoothly. But what about a brown lawn? 


Your commercial lawn may deteriorate under a variety of stressful conditions, including:

  • Cold temperatures or excessively hot temperatures
  • A lack of moisture or a drought
  • Waste from pets
  • Lawn pests
  • Disease
  • Weeds


Is it possible to repair a brown lawn? The answer depends on why your lawn has changed colour. We’re going to share some tips for diagnosing the health of your lawn, and solutions to restore its vibrant green colour:


Dead or Dormant Grass?

The success of your lawn care efforts will largely depend on whether the grass is dead or dormant; the latter can be saved, while the former cannot. Dormant grass will need professional lawn care services to be restored—with dead grass, your best bet might be to start from scratch.

During the cooler, drier months, your lawn will go dormant to conserve resources. The grass isn’t necessarily dead, even though it has turned brown. But how do you tell the difference between the two?

You’ll need to pull out a section of your grass. This is what’s called a tug test. As you do this, pay attention to how easily the roots leave the soil. If it takes minimal effort and time, the grass is most likely dead. But if you face resistance, the grass is likely dormant.

After the snow melts, it’s not uncommon to see patches of brown grass on your property. The question is, how can you get rid of them? Is it possible to save your lawn?



It requires careful effort to revive a dormant lawn, but it is possible. Here are a few key treatments that your lawn will need:

  • Lawn aeration. This allows nutrients, water, and oxygen to penetrate the soil more easily.
  • Weed removal. Weeds compete with your grass for water and nutrients; eliminating them makes it easier for your lawn to regrow.
  • Frequent and thorough watering. All plants need water to thrive. To restore a dormant lawn, your grass will need a regular watering schedule.
  • Fertilizing. Restore nutrients to the turf on your property using fertilizer.


Regular lawn care maintenance will prevent grass from turning brown, and restore a dormant lawn before it dies.

At Cleanr Mow, we can help you bring your lawn back to life, and keep it that way! We’ll work our magic with our commercial lawn care in Winnipeg. Let us restore your lawn; call today to schedule our lawn care services.

Kristan Zoppa
President at Cleanr Group Ltd.
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