How To Repair A Dog-Damaged Lawn

Do you have an issue in your backyard as a result of your dog? Many homeowners find that their lawns look irreparably damaged after allowing their canine companion to spend their days outside. While digging holes can certainly be a problem, the more pressing concern is often bare patches, known as burn spots, caused by dog urine. 


If you are ready to nurse your lawn back to health, here is everything you need to know about repairing a dog-damaged lawn. 


Rake Up Dead Grass

The first step to restoring your yard back to its former glory is to remove as much of the damaged area as possible. Using a rake, you will want to rake all of the patchy areas in hopes of uprooting as much of the dead grass as possible. This gives you a clean slate for the treatments that you will apply next. 


Apply Limestone

Once the area is clean and clear, you need to lay down a layer of fine ground limestone. Scatter the powder generously over the damaged areas of your lawn. Water it thoroughly to help the limestone soak into the ground. Allow the yard to rest for one full week before moving on with other tasks. 


Get Ready For New Grass

Unfortunately, growing new grass is a long and painstaking process that requires a lot of work on your part. You can start regrowing a healthy lawn by covering up the dead areas with top soil. Topsoil has all of the nutrients that new grass seed needs in order to grow. While it may take some time and involve considerable cost if most of your yard is damaged, topsoil should not be skipped. 


From here, you can lay down a fresh layer of grass seed appropriate for the climate you live in. Water the seed right away using the hose or a sprinkler. However, it is a fine line. You need to make sure that you are watering it enough to allow it to soak up the water but not so much that the new grass seed gets washed away. Continue to do this daily until the grass regrows and is strong enough to survive on its own. Chances are this will take a few weeks to achieve. 


Prevent New Burn Spots

Once your yard is healthy, you need to prevent more burn spots from occurring. Spray down pet urine with water to dilute it and keep it from burning the grass. You can also encourage your canine to consume more water to keep urine from being so acidic. They also make supplements you can feed your dog to minimize burn spots in the yard. 


Keeping your lawn in pristine condition all year round can be quite a chore. Consider investing in lawn care in Winnipeg with one of the top companies around. Cleanr Property Maintenance can help you repair a dog-damaged lawn and keep your yard looking healthy and green for as long as possible! 

Kristan Zoppa
President at Cleanr Group Ltd.
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