Ways to Prevent Theft of Lawn Care Equipment

Fresh spring weather is about to come and go and leave in its stead the gorgeous summer sun. There may be no imagining summertime thrills without the infectious smiles of children playing in front yards, and the laughter of teens swimming in backyard swimming pools. But, in conjunction with these picturesque summertime notions, comes the irritating reality of yard care equipment theft. Unfortunately, the summer season also means time for theft prevention. Don’t panic, these prevention tips from the residential lawn care experts of Cleanr Mow will, without a doubt, lessen your equipment theft problems.

Insurance Coverage: It Goes a Long Way

Lawn equipment coverage indeed goes a long way in peace of mind and security. Double check with insurance companies for existing policy stipulations concerning lawn equipment. Regardless, think about the benefit of engraving the lawn equipment, as marking costly pieces using identifying numbers assists police in locating equipment owners faster.

Lock Expensive Equipment Up

The ideal method of preventing theft of lawn equipment is to just store everything. But though it might seem obvious, recalling to actually lock the storage area up, is, needless to say, important. As an extra safety precaution, remove every equipment key, and think about putting in an alarm sensor in which your equipment is kept. On the other hand, if the lawn equipment has to be kept outside, be certain that you keep all access gates locked.

If You Cannot Lock the Equipment Up, Lock It Down

If storing the equipment is not possible, theft prevention might be as easy as securing lawn equipment using a chain, or looping it using a rope. Just ensure that you secure it to a fixed, solid object, to prevent someone from taking it. If you are really concerned about property loss, the extra measure of security cameras, or flood lighting, may make a big difference.

Healthily-maintained lawns increase the perceived worth of a house. If you determine to sell your house during any point, a beautiful, lush yard certainly will boost the value attached to your home, and thereby make you more money.

Usually, it’s the case when an expert lawn care service is in charge of your yard care. It also should be taken into account that using a professional lawn care service like Cleanr Mow also saves you money down the road.

Now consider actually buying all of the equipment and additional resources you need to offer care for your lawn and investing the energy and time to do it on your own.

It’s fairly expensive, compared with hiring a lawn care business in Winnipeg to do those same things for you.

If you don’t want to have to worry about getting your lawn equipment stolen, just leave it to the professionals at Cleanr Mow. We provide all of our own equipment. Our rates start as low as $119 a month! There is so much value to be had from a gorgeous lawn; from the breathtaking view of your home to time spent relaxing with your loved ones, to the pride in having a well-manicured house.

Contact Cleanr Property Maintenance for all your Winnipeg lawn care needs!

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