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Winnipeg Lawn Care Company Announces Demand For Their Services Is At A Record High

WINNIPEG, Manitoba: Cleanr Property Maintenance Snow Removal & Lawn Care, a leading yard maintenance company in Winnipeg, is excited to announce that production is at record rates for the 2022 summer season.

The lawn care company began offering its services in late 2015. Almost 10 years later, they are seeing record high demand for their landscaping, lawn aeration, and fertilizer and weed control services.

One challenge that lawn care professionals face is rain. During particularly rainy years, the downpour can interfere with certain services. Despite the rainy summer that Winnipeg has seen so far, the team at Cleanr Property Maintenance is not seeing any reduced demand for their services. They’re not dealing with any weather-related delays in service, either.

“We are ahead of schedule on everything even though it has been raining like crazy,” said Kristian Zoppa, the owner of Cleanr Property Maintenance. “Staffing has also been really good this season. We have put together a great team, and we are proud to offer a variety of lawn care services, all tailored to the needs of our customers. We look forward to continued growth due to the rising demand for lawn care services.”

In recent years, they have seen a steady increase in demand, but 2022 has proven to be the busiest year yet. Even so, the company is keeping up with customer inquiries and is not behind schedule. The company has been able to keep up with increased demand due to sufficient staffing and professional services. 

Cleanr Property Maintenance Snow Removal & Lawn Care offers lawn care services year-round. When the snow falls, the company pivots from providing lawn care services to snow removal for homes and businesses. They provide services to commercial and residential areas. The team at Cleanr is proud to provide top-quality lawn care services across Winnipeg. For more information about the company and the services it offers, visit its website at

Kristan Zoppa
President at Cleanr Group Ltd.
I'm Kristian Zoppa, the founder and President of Cleanr Property Maintenance. Since 2015, I've dedicated myself to delivering top-notch lawn care services and sharing my experiences on this blog. Guided by a deep commitment to honesty and quality, I aim to provide you with the professional service you deserve.
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