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Shrub Trimming VS. Pruning: What’s The Difference?

You know that your shrubs need some attention to get them into shape this season, but you aren’t sure whether they need to be trimmed or pruned. Many homeowners don’t know what the difference is between these two actions, but they can make a big difference in the overall maintenance of your garden and hedges. 


What separates trimming shrubs from pruning shrubs? Learn more about what you can expect here! 


What Is Shrub Trimming? 

In general, shrub trimming is performed primarily for aesthetic purposes. Your landscaper will likely use a power hedge trimmer to shape the shrub in the desired way. They may take growth off the sides and the tops to create a more uniform appearance. Hedgerows commonly require this type of shaping as opposed to the more conservative pruning. 

Trimming usually implies that the entire plant will be touched up with the trimmers until it is the exact shape and size that you want. To keep them looking sculpted, you may have to trim them a few times each season. Overgrown shrubs with excessive branch growth needing to be trimmed will require more routine care from a landscaping company to upkeep their appearance. 


What Is Pruning? 

While shrub trimming is done primarily for appearances, pruning is done to improve the health of the plant. Pruning may be done if the shrub has dead or diseased branches that need to be removed. By trimming back these problematic areas, your shrub will have more room for new and healthy growth. 

On the other hand, pruning can sometimes be done to a shrub, even if it is perfectly healthy. The goal with pruning in this instance is to reduce the overall size of the shrub. It can also reshape the structure of the plant, allowing it to grow in the direction you desire. Pruning can be great for the overall health of the plant and contribute to a longer lifespan. 


Unlike shrub trimming that touches most sides of the plant, pruning is more targeted. Landscape professionals who are pruning, often make fewer cuts and are more conscious of where those cuts are located. Instead of using power trimmers, pruning is often done with individual cuts using a pair of pruning shears. 

Pruning is usually done less frequently than shrub trimming. Because pruning is not designed to give you a different appearance but to improve the health of the shrub, you may only need to prune it annually. If you notice additional loose or dead branches throughout the season, you can do a touch-up that isn’t quite as intensive as the initial annual pruning. 


Do You Need Trimming or Pruning? 

Is your yard in need of a little maintenance this season? Whether you need shrub trimming or the more specific tree pruning, we can help. Hire lawn care professionals who have the experience you want and need with Cleanr Property Maintenance Snow Removal & Lawn Care in Winnipeg. Give us a call today to learn more about the services we can offer your home and yard!

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