Preventing a Roof Collapse During a Snowstorm

Everyone knows that the winter season can be difficult on the structure of buildings. This is particularly true for locations that receive significant amounts of snowfall. Both residential and commercial properties have to be properly maintained during the winter season in order to maintain structural integrity. One of the biggest concerns most people have during the winter months is protecting their roofs from the accumulation of ice and snow.

Ice and snow can wreak havoc on roof structures especially when left unattended. Although many people focus on keeping the exterior of their homes snow-free, the roof is just as important. The failure to properly remove snow from a roof can result in roof damage that can cause interior leaks and in severe cases a partial or complete collapse of the roof.

The following are some suggestions to help you keep your roof intact this winter season.

Routine Roof Check

Lots of heavy snow sitting on a roof of any type is a recipe for trouble. A routine check of your roof during the spring and autumn seasons is highly recommended. An autumn roof check by a reputable roofing company will allow you to identify any existing roof issues before the winter season arrives. This gives you the opportunity to fix such issues as clogged gutters, missing or loose shingles, sagging of the roof, and signs of water damage that could greatly compromise the integrity of your roof during a winter ice or snowstorm.

Heavy Snow Equals Roof Damage

A winter storm that packs wet, heavy snow could potentially damage the structure of your roof. While all snow poses possible roof issues because of the potential for water damage to the roof, wet snow is more of a problem. Dry snow is light and fluffy, and it does not bear the same weight of wet snow.

You can even feel the difference between dry and wet snow when shoveling. Just imagine the amount of weight your roof holds during an average snowstorm that consists of wet snow.  This weight alone is enough to cause significant damage in the form of leaks that can compromise the integrity of your roof overtime. In the heaviest of snowstorms, an already fragile roof could cave in under the weight of too much wet snow.

Thus, it’s important to remove snow from your roof in a timely manner to uphold the structural integrity of your roof.

Removing Snow from Your Roof

When removing snow from your roof, the goal is to remove the excess weight caused by the snowfall. Doing so safely is also an issue. Getting up on a roof in the midst of a snowstorm is not feasible for some people. Even if you are capable of doing so, you must make sure that you are taking precautions not only for your roof but also to protect yourself.

For buildings that have low-lying roofs such as bungalows, a long-handled snow rake can be used to remove snow from a roof safely. You just need to make sure that you have a steady surface to work from and that you avoid injuring yourself in the process.

Another option is to hire a professional snow removal company that is licensed and insured to remove snow in a variety of conditions. Depending on the status of your roof and the amount of snow you are dealing with, professional help may be the best option for efficient, safe snow removal from your roof.

While snow may be beautiful to look at, its weight can cause major damage to the structure of your home… especially your roof. Take the necessary steps this winter season to prevent roof damage by removing snow promptly.

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