Winter 2015/16

Winter 2015/16

Stats & Stories

It was our inaugural year here at Cleanr Snow and we would like to think that things went off without a hitch! We serviced 45+ customers, had 30+ customers on monthly contracts, received 12 five-star reviews on Facebook, 1 five-star review on G+, and had 0 damage claims! All in all, it was a great start for us and we hope you enjoyed our service! Please take the 94 seconds (yes, I timed it) to read this blog! Hopefully, you find these stats as interesting as we do!

November began slow and managed to stay warm and snow-less until after the 15th. We cleared three times in November and all of the snow falls were relatively small. We averaged a response time of 34 minutes after a snow fall with an average clearing time of under 4 hours!

December picked up with six snow falls in excess of an inch or more! The average response time from the end of the snow fall to the beginning of clearing was 36 minutes . We cleared all properties, on average, in just 4 hours and 54 minutes!

January saw five snow falls in total, four of which happened within a one week time frame (January 20th, 23rd, 25th, & 27th). We were out clearing within 46 minutes of a snow fall ending, and on average we cleared all properties within 4 hours and 57 minutes!

In February we ended up clearing seven times! That is well above the five/month average that we tend to see, but to be fair, some of the snowfalls were rather small this past February. Our response time maintained at right around 36 minutes after snow fall ceased. We managed to clear all properties in the exact same amount of time, on average, as January – 4 hours and 57 minutes!

March was another slower month with only 3 snow falls that hit an inch or more. Our response rate was a little bit faster this month at 27 minutes and our clearing time averaged exactly 5 hours per snow fall.


That is how long it took us, on average over the season, to clear every property from start to finish! I bet if you looked long and hard, you would be extremely hard pressed to find a company that matches us in response times, clearance times, and service quality! We put our all into making sure we do a great job for you, because for us, its about helping as many people as possible because people need the work done and can not do it themselves.

It is about helping as many people as possible because people need the work done and can not do it themselves!

Feel free to get in contact with us about snow removal services or to book lawn care services visit us over at Cleanr Mow!


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