Winter 2016/17

Winter 2016/17

Stats & Stories

It was our second winter providing residential snow removal in Winnipeg and we weathered the second snowiest December in Winnipeg in recorded history! We still managed to provide exceptional service to every single one of our 60+ customers, making sure that all properties were cleared daily during even the biggest of storms in December. Read on to see exactly how long we took to clear all properties, on average, per month.

The winter season started off slow, as we experienced the latest first snowfall in recorded history. We didn’t have to shovel for the first time until November 22nd. The first snowfall became slush very quickly, so we were mostly shoveling water. We used this as an opportunity to train the new staff on each property, and really took our time to learn them, as it was not absolutely crucial that we be speedy. Our next visit was exactly 7 days later on November 29th. Between the two snowfalls, we averaged 6 hours and 55 minutes to clear all properties.

December of 2016 was the second snowiest December in recorded history with over 70cm of snow and it was busy! We ended up clearing six times in December – three of which were for the same storm. At Cleanr Snow, if 6 inches or more of snow are forecast, we will clear your property during the storm as well as after it. This meant that for the first (of two) big storms in December, we had to clear THREE times for the same storm. With drifts four feet high being commonplace, our time to clear each driveway drastically changed from an average of 8 minutes to 30+ minutes. We still somehow managed to maintain an average of 8 hours and 2 minutes to clear all properties. This is amazing as many companies were running DAYS behind. Instead of that, we pushed with the storm and made sure all homes were accessible!

January came in strong and our first snow fall was big and only a week or so after the boxing day storm. January gave us five storms worth clearing and it was some decent sized snow! We averaged 7 hours and 8 minutes to clear all properties in January.

February started to slow things down with only four snow events that were an inch or greater. We had many light dusting’s, but they never seemed to accumulate to an inch, only half an inch or so of snow would fall. In February, we managed to clear all properties with an average time of 5 hours and 47 minutes.

March of 2017 we only had to clear snow once on March 8th. March of 2017 had the least amount of snow that we have seen in a snow season since we began Cleanr Snow in 2015. Our time to clear all properties for that one snowfall in March was 4 hours and 55 minutes.


That is how long it took us, on average, over the season to clear all properties from start to finish. Considering we had the second snowiest December in recorded history which caused multiple 10 hour days, we did alright!


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