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7 Ways To Melt Ice Without Salt Or Ice Melt

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We don’t need to tell you why ice is a problem for your sidewalk or driveway. If you’ve ever slipped and hurt yourself when walking on ice, then you already know how dangerous it can be. It’s a safety risk not only to you but to anyone who visits your home or business.

Salt is one way to get rid of ice. But you may not want to use it because of… 

  • It’s hard on your car. The chemicals in Ice Melt are very corrosive to the underside of your vehicle. 
  • It can damage your lawn. As you might expect, salt and other chemicals found in Ice Melt are not good for your grass!

That’s why we’ve gathered these effective alternatives you can use instead, though some of them might seem pretty unusual. Granted, Winnipeggers are known to go to extreme lengths to cope with the winter. And melting ice is no exception. 

So, without further ado…Here are the top 7 ways to get rid of ice without using salt:


Coffee Grounds

Ah, coffee. A hot cup of java tastes so much better on a cold winter morning. Once you finish your cup, save the coffee grounds! They’ll help melt the ice and add more traction to the ground.



The citric acid in vinegar helps lower the freezing point of ice. Mix it with hot water and pour it directly on the ice. But don’t pour too much, or the extra liquid will freeze and add even more ice. 


Snow Melting Mats

These mats stay warm enough to prevent ice from forming on the surface. But the cost of a snow-melting mat can be prohibitive. Depending on the size of your driveway or walkway, you might need to spend a few hundred dollars on these mats. 



You usually save fertilizer for your lawn, but it can actually be used to lower the melting point of ice! That’s due to the chemicals in the fertilizer mix. And since it’s designed for your lawn, you know it won’t damage the grass underneath the snow.



Like a few items on this list, sugar works to lower the freezing point of water, which makes ice less likely to form. Sugar is expensive, but it works as a de-icer in a pinch!


Beet Juice

Love to make borscht? Save a little beet juice for your sidewalk! It helps lower the freezing point of water.

The downside of this method is that it stains the snow a dark red-brown—which might look a little weird. But hey, it’s better than slipping on ice!

You can find Sugar Beet Juice Ice Melt in most hardware stores. It’s safe for pets, cars, and the environment! 


Cat Litter

We admit it: This may be the weirdest of the bunch. You might feel silly spreading cat litter all over your sidewalk. But it really works! The litter will add extra traction to the ground, helping to prevent slips. 


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